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  1. Hey all. Short story long, I went to a local pawn shop, and as walking in, saw one of the sales people take a guitar from the cart and hang it on the wall. Of course I had to check it out. Ok, a smaller then normal Iceman copy, 24 frets, 6 inline reverse headstock, EMG's GOTAH tuners, bone nut, and what looked to be a purpleheart fretboard. Ok, had me at purpleheart. Body is a flame top, with mahogany/flame maple back, and a 5 piece flame maple/mahogany/walnut(?) neck. Even tuned down to H, I could still hear and feel the resonance of the guitar. And the action was impressive. THEN I saw the
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  2. As I recall I charged the guy for ten hours of labor plus some parts. We made new front and back covers and some other stuff - he didn't blink when I handed the invoice. I had to route the guitar to fit the pcb and batteries, I believe Sustainiac makes some models for strats that fit in the trem cavity. And for what it is worth, I wouldn't trust GC to change my strings.
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