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    Agreed...a competent guitarist can make a cheap guitar sound like a good guitar through their skill in overcoming the deficiencies of the instrument. Give an incompetent player a $5000 Les Paul and a boutique amp, and they will still sound incompetent. We have a saying...'tone is in the fingers', and it is true.
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    Not if you use NOS Russian contact cement from 1952.
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    OK, I checked it out. COVID-19 is not technically an Airborne Disease by definition it is a Droplet Disease. On the other hand the primary mode of infection of COVID19 is Airborne Transmission. Although Airborne Disease and Airborne Transmission use the same word, they are not the same thing. So when someone says, "I'm not wearing a mask because COVID-19 is not an airborne disease." A person could counter with, "While you are technically correct, airborne transmission is it's primary mode of transmission." COVID is not a contact disease either, but it can also be transmitted by contact with an infected person. Insights and incites by Notes
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    It's not really corroding the gold. It corrodes the steel under it, and loosens the bond. Plating looks impervious, but it's not.
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    That’s my entire point of my trolling..

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