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    Been looking at these for a while now. This one came up on Reverb for a pretty decent price with a case. The known defect on it was that there is a chip on the back of the headstock (which seems smaller in person than it did in the pictures). I get a pretty good sound out of it, but the low E string buzzes. The seller mentioned the frets had recently been crowned and polished and it was set up with 9s. I'd prefer 10s. My guess from preliminary exam is that the nut slot it cut just a shade too low and there isn't enough fall away. Maybe a truss rod adjustment would do it. I'm too tired to tackle any of it now. I've referred to this as the eye fungus guitar because it grows on me a little more each time I see it. It's bizarre when it is sitting still, but I feel like when you see someone playing one it looks amazing. This is my reward for two years of not smoking cigarettes. I'm actually coming up on two and a half years, but was being more responsible with money on the actual anniversary. For good measure, here's a video of Muddy Waters playing an original single coil:
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    "Mountain Dew" - The Stanley Brothers
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    Strange days and covid-19 have resurrected this zombie .
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    kujozilla - Well done. I've heard Tanya Tucker's version Thanks for contributing, we need new blood (even if it's old blood).
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    Well, Voltan, I probably shouldn't interfere but Katopp is a long-standing member here at HCAG and I have never observed any instance of trolling from him. Perhaps it's you that needs to loosen up?
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    Katopp, I'm not really around. Once in a while I look in to see if anything has changed here and I might even comment if I get the urge, but mostly I don't have a presence on this forum. I did do the saw off the neck and convert to bolt on on my personal Yamaha and that made it very playable again. Its not for the faint of heart. Sometimes forumite CTGull swears that he can get Yamaha necks off and I think one of the keys to this is angling the hole for the steam tube to better hit the very small void in the dovetail - I tried to steam mine off and it would move but its possible that I just didn't hit the sweet spot. I've turned down work on several Yamahas - it just isn't worth my time - but I keep thinking that if I ever see one at a yard sale I might just try another reset. I won't shave a bridge, just one of those things I don't believe in doing. As far as the conversion, I did do a thread here and altho I bookmarked it good old HC gives me an error message when I try to access it. It wouldn't matter anyhow, the photo links are all broke. I do have the photos somewhere and I could recreate the thread but honestly, why go thru the trouble. The last three or four times I've posted anything here it has pretty much been a waste of time. Too bad, this was fun once a long time ago and I miss a lot of the old folks and our discussions. But like the necks on old guitars, things change.
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    Excellent PS. The AGF has a different sort of mods . . . . . . . . .
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    I stumble around drunk and crash stuff. I can't remember if I belong.

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