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    I choked on my coffee the first time I heard this one:
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    That's looking really nice with the chrome pup rings and sawed off bridge plate. Good choice.
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    A long long time ago I recorded some guitars with some strings and posted the clips on a guitar forum. I and several others listened to them back to back to back and I, at least, decided which ones I liked the best on those particular guitars. I factored in life of the strings, cost, and the fact that I currently have (I think) a dozen different acoustic guitars. I have decided that I can get the string gauges I need from two standard sets plus a few singles and I can cover my acoustics, resonators, 12 strings with only a small stash of strings, which I typically order in bulk. My strings of choice are phosphor bronze Elixer nanowebs, lights on most guitars, mediums on some. Everyone's mileage will vary, but at least I can point to a reason for mine.
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    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of the thief!
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    "Aragon Mill" - Dry Branch Fire Squad
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    From an engineering perspective, this is complete and utter BS. A 100W tube amp draws less than 2 Amps maximum, even at full power. This is roughly equal to (2) 100 W light bulbs. From a code perspective, 14 gauge wire is acceptable for continuous duty at 15 Amps over runs much longer than an average extension cord. Even a small 18 gauge extension is OK up to 25 or 30 feet, for a single guitar amp. Now, you can cause problems if you try to put several amps on a single extension, and/or if you leave the cord tightly coiled or on a spool. One thing that IS important is grounding. ALWAYS use a grounded extension, and don't even think of using one of those two-prong adapters or cutting off the ground pin. Ground faults are a serious hazard, and you can be seriously hurt or even killed by a fault from an ungrounded guitar or mic.
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    It's not what's under the hood, it's who's behind the wheel that really matters. Mike Campbell - legendary guitar slinger! Eeeh, try again! Tom & Benmont were born and raised in Gainesville. Mike was from Panama City FL.
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    Props to EHX for not using the misleading and over used phrase "isolated outputs". The EHX unit is a daisy chain in-a-box, and they say so. Nothing wrong with that as long as you know what you're paying for, and most pedal boards don't need a true isolated ground power supply. Isolated outputs is not the same as isolated ground.
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    Haven't seen this much amazing stuff since I went to Egyptian museum in Cairo. Wow. I mean WOW.
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    If it was red NEON, that might work...
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    Looks like seafoam to me. That color has always had a bit of a bluish cast to it IMO... it will get greener as it ages - especially if it has clear lacquer top coats.
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    Well I got the neck pocket cleaned up The neck is running evenly spaced with the string through holes and good for the scale length It took a little finessing with a sanding block,, a file, a dremel and a touch with a small chisel until I was satisfied Sawed off the bridge plate but still need to drill and countersink two more mounting holes. Laid some parts in place to look it over and I like it Next I’ll clamp the neck in place and use dental floss in the high and low E strings to be sure the strings are even along the neck before drilling Don’t know why but my phone changes the color. It’s NOT BLUE. The color really is SEAFOAM
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    He played a Gold Top LP for awhile, before the Strat. He was the guy that really started the guitar up front type band. He was great for the time, and more influential than many folks understand.
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    I prefer PB strings on my Carvin AC-375 because I think they sound better with its thin body. I also have a larger Yamaha Dreadnought that I keep 80/20 strings on because they sound better on that body. Its best to check out several different string sets to get the best strings for your guitar. I have no hard fast rules. But base my decisions what works best with the guitar.
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    Your persistence paid off!
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    Aldi has these things on sale once or twice a year. Harbor Freight also has specials on moving blankets, one thing that their Chinese suppliers probably can't screw up, especially if you don't use them for moving anything. IIRC, sometimes you can get one free with any other purchase. I might avail myself of one for just the reason you are.
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    not Vivaldi, but I have had resolve from not knowing and then knowing 50 plus years wtf what is what per particular composers, even modern. keeps me going and thinking tunes
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    I found that Firefox was the reason I couldn't view stuff like pics and video links here, and at my online banking site. Never thought of that, but I switched to Safari and everything works as it should. I will probably need to reload Firefox to see if that fixes it.
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    That truly sucks. Whoever stole it can't be too smart, because the instrument is so unique.
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    It should be all right as long as you only use the amp for guitar and the speaker can handle the Wattage of the amp. In fact, if you keep the volume to a reasonable level it should be okay with a bass. The reason a bass amp has more low end coming out is that there is more low end going in, i.e., from a bass. But you may not need to swap the speaker. If you like the sound as is, that's all that matters. Plenty of guitarists use a Fender Bassman, which was nominally designed for bass. I originally played a Strat copy through my SWR bass amp with no issues.
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    and that was one of the reasons I ultimately stripped back down...that ability to create a transition, medley or mashup on the fly...truly, to me the joy of being a solo act! To be fair, I am revamping my act now [yet again], with more 'G.A.S. standards', but the goal is to allow me that freedom to make a leap...without a net...and see where it takes me. Recent occurrences, just in practice, was 'Misty' into 'One More for the Road' and 'The Way You Look Tonight' into a medley of Everly Brothers songs, into 'Walk Away Renee'. You just never know, with an adequately warped mind, where you can wind up given the circumstances and the material. Would I do something like that live? You bet yer sweet bippy! [geez, when was the last time anyone said that?]
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    My little town actually has TWO oldies stations, plus a classic rock, all in one building. Anyway, whenever Buddy's 'Everyday' plays, I always (in my head) change the line after "Everyday, it's a getting faster" to "playing a sunburst Fender Stratocaster"!
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    My bucket list guitar.... Seriously, I would just like to play well before I kick it.
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