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    I got her back from my luthier friend today. He did an exemplary job on it. I am finally convinced that Richlite isn't a problem for me. Post-setup, she plays so easily, it just makes me smile. So, the 16GT: All solid sitka(gloss) and mahogany(satin). Scalloped X-bracing. Modified low oval neck (probably my favourite acoustic neck profile). The spruce isn't AAA, but that is irrelevant. This guitar sounds fantastic, and plays like a dream. My experience with this guitar is directly in line with all of the reviews and discussions I've read. That is, overwhelmingly positive. Smells yummy, too!
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    Wow ,I thought that was a walkman ,didn't realize it was a cassette adapter for an 8 track . Really a rare one The cool chicks didn't like my BOC Secret Treaties either ,seems like everyone wanted disco .Bah
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    I do remember but didn't know anyone actually still had a walkman.
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    Excellent. I'm pleased for you - enjoy!
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    Congrat's! Classic looks, Martin sound, and plays great? The trifecta of acoustics. Enjoy!
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    Probably just needs a setup, most new guitars do. A good tech will spot any issues that would require return or warranty repairs.
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    Thanks for the posts. I know what you mean about to rich for you. This is the most money I have ever spent on a guitar. But I just couldn't get this one out of my head. I will probably buy a few more guitars before they put me in the ground. But I'm pretty sure I will never spend the amount I spent on this one ever again. I would probably recommend that if you can't afford the price of this guitar then you probably should not even play it.
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    Not a thin neck at all. Play them, and decide what fits your hand best.
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    Well, they ARE pretty easy to avoid, so not a huge problem unless there’s 18 in a row, seeing as how there are ever only 1-3 new posts per day here. The recent legit postings are extremely easy to find, even with the spam. It’s the optics. Also, spamming. Seriously, does anyone actually follow the clicks on messages like those? Is there a net gain in spamming a forum like this? It’s gotta be done out of just “just because I can”. And dickish behavior, of course.
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    I'm not complaining. I know that readership is down and that this stuff is a sign of the times. I know how you feel; I have to pick up after the people I love so I can imagine how frustrating it is to have complete strangers come in and mess up the place.
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