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    Before you do anything else, take your Yamaha to the nearest music store and ask for a "setup." It will make your current guitar easier to play and it'll be much cheaper than a new guitar.
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    Thanks! I suspect this is my problem eleven years later
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    no, not acceptable at all, and if they saw those pics, and were okay with that appearance, I would return the guitar and buy from a company that cared about quality and their customers. I would also make sure I gave them bad reviews EVERYWHERE! This is exactly why many of these instruments are 'lower cost'...they don't invest in quality. You are learning a valuable lesson regarding spending that kind of money for an instrument sight unseen. If it were a $300 guitar, okay, take the 10% and live with it, but at $900? No f---ing way!
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    Ordered a new Danelectro 12 string as a present to myself, but it was on sale for $299 with free shipping, so it's not like I needed much as an excuse.
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    Those bodies are easy to get and built like tanks. There are so many aftermarket windscreens for those. Telefunken uses a slightly shaved off version of the same body. They are everywhere. I have several of these capsules.https://www.telefunken-elektroakustik.com/product/tk51d-capsule-ar-51 They are just "OK" and not sure what the rules are here, but I have a few laying around.😉
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    Happy Birthday wishes. Enjoy your new Danoelctric 12 string I myself have a Ric 330 12. It's a nice guitar, but rather specialiazed.
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    I had my first opportunity to play a J Blacklund at the Shepherd Center hospital last summer. They were calling it the “purple Prince” guitar. I have no Idea how they ended up with it (in a hospital music room). I remember thinking it played so well that I looked up the company and was shocked. I’ve thought about dragging a Fender over there and seeing if they want to trade. Also, I’ve been drawing out sketches for new guitar shapes
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    "Bluegrass Twist" - Steep Canyon Rangers
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