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    Only half serious about this; per Tele's post, you could make a go of merely adequate rather than stellar sound.
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    The trick is to have only great material.
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    Its the left pointer finger, the fretboard hand for guitar. The keyboard at work is light touch. Thing is I never learned to type with all the fingers however. Back in the 60's Typing lessons in school were pretty much limited to Girls taking Home-ec and Secretarial/office classes and consisted of sitting in front of an old mechanical typewriter. It wasn't a class many boys took unless they were being trained to take over the family business and needed office skills. I didn't plan on taking business classes as an course of study. PC's wouldn't be around for at least another 30 years and even though I was repairing some of the first PC's made as an electronic tech I knew you didn't have to be an expert at working a keyboard in order to repair one. (I still don't even though it would be handy) By the time they had become so common place in the 90's I had already been playing guitar, Piano, bass and violin for several decades. In short I wasn't able to retrain the hands after being a musician for 40 years. I jumbled the keys playing chords so I became very proficient using 2 fingers and even earn a living at a keyboard now. Unfortunately it does wear on the fingers a bit more but I think I can get by till I retire in a couple of years and then I probably wont use one any more then my recording studio demands. I tried sleeping last night without a splint and that finger curled up worse then before. Wasn't sure I could straighten it out again at first. I iced it down while having my morning coffee and it was down to 40 this morning so I stuck the hand out the window driving to work and it got numb. Its felt good most of the day but it hasn't healed any that I can detect. Anyway, its Friday and I have two days I'm going to try and keep it immobile. If its no soap I'll give the doctor a call and see how soon I can get the second shot. I'm surprised it didn't work better. I got shots for my lower back. had a pinched phytic nerve which produced the wort pain you can imagine. One shot and it was highly reduced. 2 shots and I've been good for 9 years. Maybe they watered down the solution. It was kind of strange how they brought the needle in half filled already. Could have been tap water for all I know.
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    Oh hey. BTW what happened to my post count?
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