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  1. Do the mods without making severe alterations to the instrument and keep the original parts..thus having the option to put it back the way it was. Tuner changes on an instrument that old are fine.
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  2. Casio didn't actually "make" a guitar. Ibanez did, Generally thru the Terada factory, though some good ones were made at Fuji Gen Gaki. Same with Roland. All of the controller guitars were made by Ibanez. What Casio did do was the internal electronics. They also had onboard sounds on some models, the general MIDI set, which meant you didn't need the big clunky floor board systems Roland did. They also had a direct MIDI out to access synths directly. Roland didn't do that. I always liked the Casio series, though to be honest, I am a Roland player since the late 80's, and preferred the sou
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