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    I wore the fulcrum blade that rests on the stud down to the point where the bridge rubbed on the wood. As a temporary fix I made the fulcrum longer by bending a piece of steel over then end then gluing it in place. The spring/string pressure did the rest. About a year or two back I found generic versions of the bridge available on EBay. Bought one for $10 then used its fulcrum plate and swapped out some of the cheaper parts with the original. Worked out very well and haven't had an issue since. As far as the stiffness goes, The bridges do have stiffer springs then most but this does preserve the tuning when the lock is released. One thing you should realize. Those guitars were designed to be used with Labella double ball strings, either 9/42 or 9/46. Anything heavier will force you to crank the set screw don too much making the tremolo unusable. I don't think you can even use 10/46 strings because it puts too many pounds pull on the strings. They made an adaptor for using regular strings on those guitars. I suggest you use 9/42 gauge, then you can back off the counter balance screw and the whammy becomes more flexible because you're using lighter spring tension on lighter strings. They are fun guitars once you get used to them. The stock EMG Select pickups don't sound bad either.
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    Not if you use NOS Russian contact cement from 1952.
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    Nice marketing though. Got the brand in front of older acoustic guitarists with discretionary funds, but underestimated their street smarts. 🙂
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    oh wait... my bad... according to prior practices... sometimes they take their time saying anything... it depends upon who you are perceived to be around here...
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    No Newman, all this is on topic now. Because until there is a vaccine, the only valid reason to talk about live music on musicians' forums is to persuade people not to play live until one is developed. But posting any data (such as your charts showing the continued downward trajectory of COVID deaths even during rising cases), that downplays the unprecedented deadliness of this disease, will get crickets on musicians' internet forums. It's not the preferred narrative.

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