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    Well then I’ll develop an app that lets you hail a cab from anywhere!
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    I choked on my coffee the first time I heard this one:
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    Makes sense, since what you do requires a very wide palette. I use a single channel amp and a minimalist pedal board - a wah, an overdrive/ boost, an "analog style" digital delay and a univibe clone. I get more tonal variation with the volume knob of my guitar than anything else, really.
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    I spent a year in Bakersfield one week.
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    I’m a huge hank Williams fan. I have all his recordings. I Was even going to do a hank Williams tribute show at one time. I play 5 or 6 of his tunes at every solo show. His songs are the real deal.
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    Takamine is just a brand name, made by huge guitar factories. I'd lose that brand loyalty and just go play a few until one clicks with you. It's a completely personal thing. If you find a Yamaha LL6 in that price range I'd recommend trying it out.
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    Could you tell me what your reply has to do with the OP and the question Ned asked? Looks like an entirely unprovoked dig at a fellow forum member to me. Warning issued.
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    Oh I think $350 is ample money to get a good guitar. There are so many good guitars around these days that it's hard to go wrong. The Yamaha FG830 comes in around that price point and that is an excellent guitar.
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