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  1. Sup folks! So, reintroduction: I'm Jab, 29 and based in southern England. I was a member of HC way back in 2008. I don't recall any specific reason for leaving, but I do remember the forum kinda drying up after a mass migration to Facebook? I could be wrong, but in any case it's great to see that the community is back and thriving. This place was always a lot of fun and a great source of collective information and support. Primarily a guitarist, builder and collector, and been playing for about 18 years. The collection numbers around 30 guitars I think, but I'd have to check the inventory list to be sure. Currently filling the position as bassist in two bands with my old man (the lead guitarist and vocalist), playing covers of a variety of popular songs from the 60s-80s after the previous bassist unfortunately contracted COVID-19 and passed away. Naturally, it feels like some pretty big shoes to fill and obviously I want to make my dad proud as he's the whole reason I play at all, so I'm giving it my absolute all and having a lot of fun doing so. Now, without further ado, onto the NGD. I believe what we have is an old Aria Pro II TA40, but the neck is not the original. Technically it's not new as I got it a year ago last week. It was a belated birthday present from my dad, and it's my first semi. I'm not sure what hardware it has as I've not cracked it open (there's been no need), but it has that semi sound I wanted and plays nicely enough. All I've done to it is add a truss rod cover since it didn't have one, and some amber top hats as it had no control knobs either. Right, that's all for now. There have been a number of NGDs and NADs which I'll get around to posting, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys think. Hopefully you're all well and staying safe. It's good to be back!
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