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  1. THANX!!!!! :D :D :D Although the Seniors seem to like playfully sexual themed songs, I don't think we are going to learn this one. I'm old enough to remember when the Stones' "Lets Spend The Night Together" was banned because it insinuated they were going to have sexual intercourse. I think there is a mid-point between those two songs that would be right for my personal tastes. Notes
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  2. A similar path for me........ When I turned 35 (leading my own GB band) I saw the writing-on-the-wall that I was aging-out of what I did (sax player in a wedding/club band, occasional pro-shows). [What 25y/o bride wants a grey-haired sax player in her wedding band? Ans: none of them do....] At that point I went back to my classical roots (classical muso in college), started a trio ensemble, auditioned successfully for a local orchestra (which 10 years ago went AFM), and have since concentrated my playing on the ceremony/'tails circuit around Newport, RI. At 60+ it seems that getting older is good for booking my ensemble as the young brides think that they are talking to Mozart or something - lol. My ensemble gigs are usually two hours; a usual 4-6: (4-4:30 prelude, 4:30-5 ceremony, 15 minute break, 5:15-6 'tails, 6:10 driving home....). Nobody busts our chops with requests, we just play our baroque, look (and sound) polished, rinse/repeat. Creativity-wise it's rather sterile but the $ is great - although I miss my sax at times..... Every once in a while I'll go to a jam and make some noise just to stay in the game...
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