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  1. Internet forums have had their day. They all blow now. The good old days weren't that great unless you like poo flinging.
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  2. So have cockroaches and red ants. I've often thought humans are the smartest animals on the planet and at the same time the dumbest animals on the planet. One brother-in-law is a world famous doctor among other doctors and he tells us how bad this plague is and how we need to protect ourselves. "You don't want to catch this disease" he says. Another BIL (his brother) is a Trump/DeathSantis fan, a Faux News watcher, an "it's like the flu" believer, and an anti-masker. This BIL now has a wife, son, and future daughter-in-law all with COVID and the hospital is so full people are in
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  3. march 15th i was at universal studios and had been there for four days. i hung out with drummers from marching bands from all over the country, literally brushed shoulders with folks from all over this rock... i observed young children, picking up skittles from the ground and eating them as their parents whisked them lovingly along their way, nuzzling and kissing them... sharing those same whatever that was from the bottom of your flip flop... i stared in awestruck amazement as a fully grown and otherwise apparently functional human female noticed she had a brown smear of something on her
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  4. My brother-in-law is a Fox watcher, Trump fan, herd immunity preacher, anti-masker, it's just the flu believer, and other than that, an all-around good guy. He called to say he now has a big red S on his chest, for Stupid. His wife, son, and future daughter-in-law all now have COVID and the hospitals are so full they have patients in the corridors because there are no rooms for them. Herd immunity sounds great until you and/or your loved ones get sick. If you get this dreaded disease there is no Ctrl+Z, Command+Z, or Undo. You can't go back and put that mask on or avoid that gat
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