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    Anyone who has glanced at the other threads I started recently will know that I was tempted by a no-name Les,Paul copy for $150. In the end, I found someone who had a hollow-body Ibanez AK-95 that he was looking to swap, and I had a folk guitar too many (if that concept really exists 😯)...so we swapped then today! I have just spent far too much time on Youtube figuring out how to adjust intonation once the "floating" saddle fell off when I removed the strings! (dumbass the concept is right there in the name! 😕). It's a very interesting second electric guitar. In the second photo you can see a small rust-spot on one of the frets (i can see it, but can't feel it when I touch it)...should I bother trying to get that off?
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    Blood stain....Yep, exactly!
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    Agreed...a competent guitarist can make a cheap guitar sound like a good guitar through their skill in overcoming the deficiencies of the instrument. Give an incompetent player a $5000 Les Paul and a boutique amp, and they will still sound incompetent. We have a saying...'tone is in the fingers', and it is true.
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    It's not really corroding the gold. It corrodes the steel under it, and loosens the bond. Plating looks impervious, but it's not.

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