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    I had a buddy that had a motown/funk band here in SW Florida. As soon as the bars reopened in May, they went back to playing. Most of their gigs was in open air/tiki bars. They would post live feeds on facebook of their gigs. I didnt see many posts as of late, so i started searching for their schedule of events. I found out the lead guitarist has died of covid. the drummer is current in ICU with the virus, and the bass player and his wife are both struggling at home with it. They were all unbelievers of the severity of the virus. They said it was nothing more than the flu. i mentioned on one of their live streams that the crowd wasnt wearing masks, and people were right up against the band dancing. They let their guards down, and it finally caught them. this makes 11 musicians i know that has caught the virus. 4 have died. they all caught it after the states reopening. their ages averaged 56.
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    One of the heavies of Motown is gone, at 85: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/entertainment/music/news/former-motown-records-president-and-sales-chief-barney-ales-dies-at-85/ar-BB12T0jV?li=BBqdc3x&ocid=mailsignout

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