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    kwakatak - Beautifully done. Way better than anything I could do. Thanks for posting.
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    My friend won this same guitar. A few years later he needed some cash and sold it to my kids for, what I understand, was an incredibly cheap price. That "paint job" is only a vinyl overlay, similar to a car wrap. My kids peeled it off and it exposed a beautiful Ebony Les Paul worth much more than a Monster Energy Drink Les Paul.
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    Daddy, you and I both know the OP isn't coming back which makes me wonder why I wasted my time. I have contact information for CTG that I could pass on to him and a whole bunch of pictures of just exactly how I did my cut off neck reset (I even did a HCAG thread that I could link). However I think I'll just crawl back in my hole and try to ignore this place once again.

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