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    I needed something to do with all the free time so with the majority of parts on hand, I put this together.
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    Dunno why, but when I saw this bass on craigslist locally for a pretty good price, I decided I had to buy it. Rickenbacker 4003AC. At first glance, it looks pretty similar to my Ric 4003W. Maple neck and fretboard, neck-through body. A closer look reveals some differences. No body binding, but that's the same as the 4003SW. Green triangle inlays on the fretboard. Not one, but two Rickenbacker bridge pickups. The neck pickup is a lot farther away from the neck than is usal for Rics, and the bridge pickup closer to the bridge, similar to a Fender Jazz bass or a Ric 4002. There's a thumbrest up near the neck. The AC designation stands for Al Cisneros. Apparently he's a big deal in some circles; He plays bass for Sleep and Om. His style is to play up near the neck, hence the thumbrest there. Also why the pickup covers wouldn't bother him. For the rest of us, it comes with pickup bezels. You take off the covers and install the bezels in their place, making it possible to play over the pickups. The bezels also provide alternative thumbrests. I'm looking forward to plugging it into my amps and hearing how it differs from more conventional Rics. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Rickenbacker/4003AC-Al-Cisneros-Limited-Edition-Bass.gc
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    Cool looking pickguard. I like the wall too; strangely.
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    Cool! Every kid needs a hobby in these times right? I'm a '67 year old kid and over the years have accumulated enough parts to guild about a half dozen more. lol That turned out nicely. Enjoy it!
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    Well, I'm still "plucking away" at my electric bass venture. I'm starting to play cleaner, albeit not too fast, just cleaner. I've been playing mostly major scales, major arpeggios, plus a few jam tracks and kid tune melodies; Frere Jacques, Mary Had a Little lamb, Yankee Doodle ( kid tunes are used so that I can get used to the fret-board without looking at it...). On a swing jam track that I'm doing I can now "walk through" the progression (D-/G7/Cmaj7/A7).... I started out just the roots, next day root & 5ths, next day practiced the appropriate scale for each chord, next day tried to connect them; DEFA/GABD/CDEG/ABC#E (repeat). I'm having fun "plucking around"....
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    I would start with justinguitar.com if I were learning again. Too bad the Internet wasn't around when I was starting out.
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    Bought a King brand Stratocaster off eBay just for the body, added my neck, hardware and electronics. Just finished it up following a finishing mishap I posted about earlier. Turned out great. Has Guitar Madness Alnico V pickups with CTS pots, orange drop caps and a treble bleed, big block trem with vintage tamped saddles and Fender locking tuners. Neck is flat sawn-flamed maple and is a stunner. Also has a push-pull pot for adding bridge pickup in any combination (Gilmour mod). Turned out very cool, plays and sounds very good. Some Glamour shots on my bench after setup. Last shot shows the airbrushed sand-through repair I posted about earlier. It looks legit.

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