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    Yes, that's a fairly generic part. I bought a cheap set for my Alvarez Villain bass on eBay. They were simple to replace. Any place that sells guitar/bass parts will have what you need. I can't tell from the pic, are your tuners gray or black? If they're gray you may not be able to find the exact color and then you'll either have one mismatched tuner or replace the set if that matters.
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    True... plus there's also the issue of the speed the individual users have from their ISP. I have a fairly fast pipe (FiOS, with supposedly 100 mbps up / down, although it never quite achieves that speed), but not everyone does, and the weak link is usually their upload speed.
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    I'm a dwarf myself. Not mad about 'midget' or 'little person' personally but each to their own. i've been playing piano and drums in bands for years. Always dismissed the guitar as unsuitable but got a small one just before this lockdown and i'm reasonably happy with my progress. I'll probably use it on some upcoming recordings for my Facebook and Youtube music pages. Keep an eye out for Conn's Covers if you're curious. Stay safe!
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    I've been using a 210H since 2014. First off they come biased really cold so that is step one. 2nd at least on the 210 H add a negative feedback pot , this really opens the amp up gain reduction mod and mid shift mod. My JVM sounds nothing like a stock one, everyone that hears it is amazed it's a JVM OD1 Orange with the gain at 10:00 negative feedback at 1:00, (stock is at around 8:00) bass dimed , mids 11:00 treble noon lowres/presence off.....nails a 2203 total cost of mods installed by an amp tech? $85.00 I use it in a classic rock cover band and it slays
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    "Surf Jam" - The Beach Boys
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    this calls for a detailed restoration thread!😎
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    "Whiskey in the Jar" - CELTICA Pipes Rock
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    "Galway Girl" - Sharon Shannon, Mundy & Galway City
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    Hey guys,,,, it's been a while,,,, glad to see some familiar "faces". Looks like this place needs a lil' shakeup and re-energizing. 😄 Who's gonna start the ball rolling? I guess my last post here, was probably around seven or eight years ago. I certainly had a great time here, and it goes without saying that I also got some terrific advice from Andy, and ALL the gang. As for Craig,,,, he's the BEST moderator on ANY forum,,,,, Period. Although I rarely drop by any more, I'm thankful for the great times we did share when this place was in its' heyday. R.R., Andy, DookieTwo, Abzurd, Al Poulin, Mogwix, Craig, Don Boomer,,,and so many more,,,,,, I hope all you guys are well and staying safe. While I'm at it. let's raise a glass for John Prine, ,,,,one of the most incredible and prolific songwriters of our time. R.I.P. John.... your music lives on. Cheers, Bob (Bobby1note)
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    I have a copy (a very faithful copy) of an Ovation deep-bowl Balladeer. I've fitted a set of high tension nylon strings and it is one of my most-played guitars. I love the way it plays - many people complain that the bowl back is difficult to handle but I find it "fits" perfectly. I wouldn't want to be without it.
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    That neck width would be fine for me. I believe what Fender was thinking when they put this out is, it's decent student guitar for someone that might want to play standard acoustic guitar or electric down the road. The nylon strings are a bit easier on the fingers. Especially for starting students.
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    I'd go for a well-padded gig bag type case. A 3rd of the price but fine.
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    1-11/16" is narrow but as a cross-over it should get some attention from people looking to expand into nylon without having to re-vamp muscle memory. Or, as mentioned, as an easier first step into playing guitar. I gave a Yamaha cross-over to one of my sons, that is similar to the Fender in neck geometry and dimensions, and it gave him the entry level ease he needed. And it certainly looks the part (uncharacteristic of Fender). I'm kind of surprised Fender would bow to a more traditional representation.
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    He should have performed an interpretive dance number on YouTube so we didn’t all just jump to wild conclusions.😝

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