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    If you haven't tried them, then how do you know you would like them? what looks good on paper, or in some hyper-produced youtube vid, might not sound pleasing in the real world.
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    Actually...I guess I have to correct myself. I checked my profile and I joined in Feb 2013. I really was just putting my foot in the water here. I was a noob to forums at the time. I lurked a lot then, I lurk a lot now. I have become aware of the social situations you allude to though. Not in this particular HC forum though.
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    If you don't need the money I'd certainly suggest you don't capitulate in situations like this. On one hand he mentions "his" customers more than once and thinks they'll keep showing up whether he has no live music, crappy live music, or great live music. If he's right then who would want to play to those 15 zombies? If he's wrong then you're providing him with marketing for a pittance and not getting the recognition. Either way I'd let him use someone else. I fear for the future of live music when I read this sort of all-too-familiar story.
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    You remind me of Jim Bashaw.
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    personally i would NEVER sell a yairi of any kind unless i were moving up to a nicer yairi. i have a few older k yairis and s yairis and i treasure every one. i encourage you to find a competent tech and have yours fixed right. it could be as simple as the bridge needs moved slightly. if you are bent on selling it, i am interested at some price.
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    I'm late and long absent from these things, but here's something from me: [youtube]L2B2V9t1chg[/youtube]
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