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    Old Skool (17 years) just stopping by for the first time in forever.
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    Hey puretube! Good to see you! So... what does everyone think of the new software? If you have any problems of questions, drop me a PM and I'll try to help you get things worked out.
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    Hi, Phil! (+ the rest of the oldtimerz...)
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    Have you tried lowering the height of your current pickups? That can really help open up the top end, depending on the pickups.
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    The plug used here was BIAS FX2 Time solo guitar - Pink Floyd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qwAw5M0xKo Is it sounding good?
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    I would not plug an acoustic/electric ukelele into an electric guitar amp...then again, I dislike feedback, ymmv... but into an acoustic amp? Sure. Much like anything else, opinions are just that, and unless you want a cookie cutter solution, then go for it. I own several ukes, but I'll be frank, I would not spend $500 on one...hell, a large portion of my gigging guitar collection cost less than that. My most expensive uke is the Epiphone Les Paul model, which is my only a/e ukelele. That said, in that price range, I would be inclined to get a Martin T1K...they sound and play fantastic...but, no a/e. Next would be a Lanikai...why? Because that is what they do, and they make great sounding [and looking] ukeleles. They offer a myriad of wood options, finishes, 5-string tenors, 8 string tenors... Kala also makes some very nice ukes as well. I do know some one who has a Kala a/e [not sure the model], and I know she paid close to $500 for hers. I have had the privilege to play some outrageous custom made ukeleles in Hawaii, many in the $3-5000 range, but honestly, most of that is about bling, not tone or playability, tuning stability, etc.
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    I pick up my guitar several times a day (usually) and just pick. Mostly country or blues riffs but occasionally I'll pull out something old I've learned over the years (many). As for new, I've been trying to put together a Christmas CD (instrumental) for some time. Classics like Jingle Bell Rock, I'll Be Home for Christmas, etc. and some newer stuff (sort of) like When Christmas Comes to Town (from Polar Express) which is one of my daughter's favorite Christmas songs. I've got a few in some kind of decent shape but continuously keep working on things like the guitar riffs in Jingle Bell Rock. It might be next Christmas before I can make copies for my family and friends. I miss playing live with other players but not enough to seek an outlet for that. I did it for a lot of years and kind of got my fill if you know what I mean.
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    Hi, I am kickstarting a new type of Expression pedal. Please check it out and let me know what you think. It all started because I had pedals with expression input, but since most expression pedals behave like a wah, it just makes your pedal act like a wah. As more and more pedals include expression input, I think there is a real opportunity to get creative with expression pedal design. Also I liked the idea of an expression pedal with the footprint of a standard pedal. I have also been a big fan of Arduino for years and I wish to help open that door for pedal modders. This expression pedal has an entire Arduino inside of it that can be programmed using the Arduino programming language. So the behavior of this pedal is only limited by your imagination. Thanks, Lee
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    Heard there was a forum upgrade and figured I'd stop by. Really miss the old days here. Loved the pedal talk, but even more so the sense of community and silliness.
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    Couldn't agree more. Most streaming and mp3s are just garbage quality TBH. Sounds like you have a nice setup btw.

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