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    I was just playing my D-28, and I think I can hear the phenomenon called 'opening up.' Sounds louder and more lush that it was, seemingly. I was thinking of trying out an Eastman E20D and selling this, but....ehhhh.....no.
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    Turns out all that is unnecessary - the latest version of SynthTool from Behringer will update your Boog's firmware and then you can set pitchbend range right from the synth tool . Worked like a charm!
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    They tease stuff on social media quite a bit, including Uli himself on Gearslutz. I mentioned those three because they've put out or interacted with those mockups (including the Solina in the Neutron/Model D form factor). On the one hand, they're doing outreach to see what people are wanting, but on the other wonder if there is going to be an onslaught of vaporware down the pipes. I have a JU-06 boutique, and quite like the sound, and form factor as well. But Behringer has the Deepmind that is so much more for the money. I've no doubt they can do big beast classic performance synths eventually.
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    I had that very pair, HR16 and MMT8. Then a lightning storm fried all the memory in my HR 16. So I went down to the public library and checked out a book by Louie Bellson, and programmed his patterns into the HR 16.
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    We had some hotel points to use and the beach was more than our points covered. . Allentown was in the price range so "Honey ,we're going to Allentown" There actually is a winery nearby but we didn't go. Woke up in the morning deciding what to do and my wife suggested that since the area has a lot of industry we might tour a manufacturing site to see how things are made. Perfect time to mention that Martin is only a thirty minute drive.
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    I had an Alesis SR-16 back in the 1990s that was fun and was a great learning tool for learning how to sequence drums. I used it on 4 track demos. Never really loved the sounds. Today I use SI Drum Track VSTi which came with Cakewalk Sonar X2, but pretty much just as a guide. I found a drummer on Soundbetter.com that I use to replace my drum parts. There's really nothing quite like a real drummer playing in a real room.
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    Even gave us this souvenir sound hole after the tour
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    Lol. I agree. The only way I’ve “found myself” near Nazareth was through careful planning and even then I still had to go it alone. The only way I could get my wife to go along would be if it were suddenly freezing anywhere there was a beach and/or there was a winery somewhere along the way; my wife is a “guitar widow.”
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    I have no idea how many guitars they make in Nazareth per year, but I guess they had to automate to keep up with demand (and cut costs, of course. What would capitalism be without cutting costs and increasing profits via automation)... Nevertheless, I've had a couple of bad ones and mediocre ones come my way. In contrast, Taylors all seem pretty much the same. I find something sterile about their sound, and the feel also seems, I dunno, exactly the same across instruments, but not in my favourite way. It is what it is, I guess.
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    "***********"! Sez who?
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