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    You're welcome. Lots of PC users are apparently using an app called MIDI Ox to do it... I have no experience with that app, so use at your own risk. http://www.midiox.com/ Please let me know how it goes... FYI, you may need to FIRST send a sysex command to turn off the note-off pitch bend capability and turn on the pitch bend adjustment capability before you send the sysex string to reset the pitch bend range to your desired value.
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    Thank you!!! That will make a HUGE playability difference! Going to attempt this shortly. I really hate MIDI/sysex crap.
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    Yep. More likely, I'll end up midi'ing it into my existing boards, but without being to access it easily, I'm better off using rack gear with presets. I'm thinking it will likely end up just being a fun toy to play with at home. But, oh, the fun!
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    I was reading about that before I ordered mine. Apparently a software update (1.05?) had originally killed the ability to adjust that in favor of being able to have it respond to pitch bend commands after the note-off command is received. People naturally squalked about that... and Behringer gave them the ability to adjust the pitch bend range with version 1.06 and later of the firmware, but it's an either / or thing - you can have one, but not the other - your choice. I suspect we both have the newer v2 equipped models, but I haven't checked mine yet. The adjustment for pitch bend range is done with a sysex command. Page four of this thread has the specifics... https://community.musictribe.com/t5/Musician/Firmware-1-05-Pitch-Bend-range-removed/td-p/215936 I'm not sure if this online (Chrome) editor will work or not, but FYI... https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2018/04/18/free-behringer-model-d-settings-editor/ Page 30 of the manual... https://media63.musictribe.com/media/PLM/data/docs/P0CQJ/MODEL D_M_EN.pdf
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    I actually want LESS patchability - this is mainly for performance, not tweaking. It sounds and works like a Minimoog, period. No detectable differences so far. I have yet to figure out how to be able to set my preferred pitch bend range or to trigger the LFO with my controller's mod wheel, but other than that I'm completely satisfied.
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    if you exactly know what you need and want e.g. which kind of neck, what profile what dimension suits your hand etc you can go on to warmoth.com and for 1500 you can order the parts of your dream strat and the parts you like there and you assemble your dream from there if you go to fender you pay a lot for the brand and in the 1500 range you just get their of the shelve instruments. which are nice and all, but there are cheaper alternative like your pacifica or a charvel etc.. if you go custom shop at fender you may need to double your budget, which is it IMHO not worth
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    I'll agree with a Strat-style for funk, but it doesn't have to be American made, or even a Fender......the 'funk' isn't in the body/neck, it is in the p-ups, pots and the player. If it was me, I would try upgrading the p-ups in your Pacifica first, which is actually a very nice Strat knock-off...it just needs better electronics.
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    I had an Alesis SR-16 back in the 1990s that was fun and was a great learning tool for learning how to sequence drums. I used it on 4 track demos. Never really loved the sounds. Today I use SI Drum Track VSTi which came with Cakewalk Sonar X2, but pretty much just as a guide. I found a drummer on Soundbetter.com that I use to replace my drum parts. There's really nothing quite like a real drummer playing in a real room.
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    We're living in an age of great inexpensive guitars. You can order necks and bodies from GFS, Dragon Fire guitars or Warmoth and create a guitar that's made better than the big brand companies. Plus, Epiphone, Squire make guitars that are equal and when modified can surpass the big parent companies standards. Gotta love the Golden Age of great inexpensive guitars !!!! Back in the late 1970's, inexpensive guitars had very cheap tuners with plastic inserts in the headstocks, cheap plastic nuts and non wax potted pick ups .... How we've come a long way !!!!

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