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    Not true. There some very nice stuff out there that is not inexpensive and has a urethane finish. The Gretsch Professional product line is a mix. Black Falcons are finished in urethane and the 6120's are finished in a mix of both Nitro and urethane.
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    Lovely guitar. Received a fair deal (for Europe, anyways). It's with my luthier friend getting set up. I'll have more to say about it when I get it back. All solid wood; Adi spruce top, Adi scalloped braces, solid mahogany back and sides, ebony fretboard. Goes from 0-11 in one strum.
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    For reference, the Boog is roughly 14.5 - 14.75" wide.
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    Well, the Boog just arrived a little while ago. I haven't had a chance to fire it up yet; just take it out of the box and look it over. Physically it's a bit wider and significantly taller than my Roland Boutique synth modules (I have a TB-03 and a pair of JX-03's), but it's really not all that dissimilar. There's a bit more room on the Model D's top panel, and there's a decent amount of space around the controls so you can actually get to them fairly easily without hitting something you didn't intend to. Then again, I don't think the control density on the JX-03 is all that bad either, so YMMV. There's a much better selection of patch points available on it than the Boutiques have too, and they even threw in a couple of 1/8" patch cables, as well as what looks to be a roughly 1' long ribbon cable - I'm not sure what that's about. I guess I'll have to RT(F)M to find out. The external build quality looks a bit better than I expected, and all of the knobs and switches seem to be pretty sturdy, without any wobble or other weirdness. So far, so good! I'll try to fire it up and give it a listen later tonight...
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    I used to think Peart was better, but as I got older and was able to unpack the songs and listen to the drum lines it became obvious to me Copeland is better, Peart is amazing but sometimes more is less, Copeland hands down better!

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