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    Kenny, I just wrote a rather long article on how to do basic setups over at another forum. It would be worth your while to read thru it https://www.tdpri.com/threads/basic-setup.952636/ I will add that my personal setup specs are pretty much the same for an acoustic and an electric, but other differences in the guitars make them play and feel differently. In particular, most of us will play 9's or 10's on an electric and while an acoustic can be set up with 10's, for most guitars that is just too light. 10's have about 100 pounds of total tension, 12's (which are considered light for an acoustic) are around 165 pounds. So even tho I will have the same relief, first and 12th fret actions those guitars will play very differently. In addition, many electric players will tolerate the little bit of buzz that comes with super low action, an acoustic player won't. We play electrics and acoustics differently (areas of the neck, bends). And frequently acoustics have some issues going on at the body joint which need to be dealt with that you won't see on an electric. So yes, you can set an acoustic with very low action if the frets are perfect but you still might not like what you have. Read the posting.
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    There is - the blue ball (or star) to the left of the thread title takes you to the first unread post.
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    Yeah. I know, Phil. Just couldn't resist the dig {smile thingie} {wink thingie}
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    I cannot really speak relative to GFS parts... I do not use them.. but if it works... you can easily conceal the appearance with superb playing.... r
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    Yeah - I'm not about to start excessively using emoticons. It's about future proofing the thing. ... and emoticons 😈😈😈😈😈👽👽👽👽👽👽
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    It's more likely to short out and make no sound... but saliva isn't going to melt that lacquer insulation on the wires - you'd need to drop something like acetone or lighter fluid into it, and in much higher quantities than you'd deliver with a sneeze. Soaking a pickup in water for a long time might cause various components to rust, but even that's not a guaranteed to kill one. Still, it's not something I recommend. You wiped the pickup off after you sneezed on it - odds are you're going to be fine.
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    Play as many guitars as you can in your price range, and pay no attention to what's on the headstock, nor what anyone on the internet says about them. The guitar that will work best for you is then one that feels best in your hands, and that you enjoy playing. Within your budget, nothing else really matters.
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    I've never met a Yamaha guitar that I didn't like - at any price point. Several years ago I bought a Yamaha F-310 for $175 new and used it for many projects. It turned out to be a surprisingly good guitar
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    good lord, man, are you kidding? WE ALL WILL ALWAYS NEED ONE MORE!

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