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    I care not about Dusty's sexual orientation, but I think she was an excellent singer with good control and taste. Some songs just work better with a sax, others with guitar, others with trumpet. Here is an example of an Elvis Presley song that my older sister had on an album that I dearly love. The sax solo is by Boots Randolph and IMHO is one of the all-time best Rock/Blues sax solos on record. I don't care for Boots Randolph on his own albums, but I understand you have to do what pays the mortgage. As a session player for something like this it's superb. The recording was obviously done live with all players playing at the same time, and you can hear them musically interacting with each other. Everybody's performance on this track is excellent. The sax comes in at about 1:32 I play sax, wind synth, flute, guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals, so I am not saying a guitar couldn't do this better because I'm biased, it's because the vox humana of the sax is exactly what is needed in this cut. When I was a little kid, this is one song that made me want to play sax. This is why I love saxophone #1. Insights and incites by Notes
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    Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day for the Taylor and best of luck having the Ovation repaired.
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    Agreed that they should have just cut the song at 2:17, but they would have struggled for airplay back in the day of '3 minute hits' [2:30 was usually the minimum length]. They could have faded the song off over the sax part for 13 seconds, but no...
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    No https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/stratocaster/american-performer-stratocaster-hss/0114920345.html https://shop.fender.com/en-US/electric-guitars/stratocaster/deluxe-strat-hss/0147203309.html
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    [img2=JSON]{"alt":"race81","data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/www.harmonycentral.com\/forum\/forum\/Drums_Percussion\/acapella-19\/core\/image.php?userid=166023&thumb=1&dateline=1397137369"}[/img2] #12.1 race81 commented 11-08-2017, 03:16 PM Looking at these photo's I see the problem as one or two, maybe three things. One, if the hats are not new inspect the center holes for egg shaping. Two, your hi hat stand is worn out, take the hats off and see how much play you have in the center shaft to the center tube. Cheap felts can also create an issue, because they do not compress equal....Cympads are good for curing this..and a couple of other things, make sure the tension on the top hat is tight enough and just fyi I have played many different sets of hats, heavy weighted hats sometimes do not make a "chick" sound but a tink or chunk sound. For the sound you are looking for you may want to get some lighter hats......if your looking for a jazz sounding hat, the ones you have are not the right choice.........JMO. im not sure where this quote came from... but some advice should be filtered with good old fashioned critical thinking. one... “keyholes” or keyholing is deformation or elongation of the hole in the center of the cymbal... pretty rare on hats as they pretty much sit level (as all good cymbals should for best sustain), and in almost 50 years of drumming have yet to wear out even the thinnest hats i have... which brings me to 2... ive got an old ludwig hi hat stand thats still perfectly functional that i got with a 1966 ludwig beatles kit... if youve worn out your hi hat stand, youve purchased cheap ****... cheap felts? c’mon... lets talk about oroper technique instead of gear at this point... one more thing, at a buddy rich drum seminar, buddy spoke on hats... and physics.. everybody wanted that swish'. that crisp high singing snap out of their hats and followed the wrong logic and got THINNER hats... and couldnt figure out that THINNER METAL MAKES DEEPER SOUNDS... if you dont believe me, take a hammer to your car hood, and then alternate beats on a steel beam... the treble on that thick steel beam will set your ears on fire while your hood sounds like a bass! ... go on do it again! buy thick hats if you want treble... always remember and never forget, opinions are not fact and when not based in fact should be considered suspect to begin with... i usually take a few moments at set up and just adjust hats... turn the cymbals and find the spot where they fit “just right”... adjust the set screw so they dont align the edges perfectly and fine tune the amount of “loose feel” i like... i prefer that my hats are a but loose when theres no tension... no disrespect to race81, but im guessing unfamiliarity with your instrument is the biggest hurdle you face right now, the good news is the best remedy for that is more time on the throne slapping those skins! id be willing to wager that your hi hat sound will improve 100% if you’ll just wear out two or three pair of sticks just on your hats... it rarely happens the first time you sit behind your kit... and thats why god created the other instruments... for the rhythmically challenged humans... she didnt want them feeling too left out so we have guitars, keyboards, and all the lesser arcane...
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    I agree with Notes. In addition I'd add that the sax gives me the impression it's trying to do something that's difficult for the instrument to do. Maybe it's the player, I dunno. I know nothing about playing the saxophone. But it seems that by the time the instrument speaks it's quite loud. So the scoops really don't work and neither does the attempt at smooth breathiness. So it comes across as clumsy attempt to parrot Dusty. It might have even been better to turn the sax loose and let it lay into it and sing it out more legato... not going crazy, but not trying to be like Dusty. Or put some, maybe quite a bit of reverb/delay on it and put it around the corner and down the street, hauntingly. The trumpets should have been tossed altogether. Ouch.
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    some fuzz pedals are eq'd so heavily, the wah disappears if it's ahead of it i ended up with a fuzz before and another after, fix'd
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    That was my wife's and my wedding song, probably the arrangement without the sax.
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    I love the saxophone, it's my primary instrument. But whoever did this solo IMHO did not play with appropriate expression to compliment either Dusty or the arrangement. I've heard inappropriate sax, guitar, piano, synth, organ, trumpet and just about anything else solos. If it were me, I would have played it on tenor so as not to compete with Dusty's excellent vocals, I would have not used those inappropriate pitch bends (scoops), I would have matched Dusty's expression to start the solo and then perhaps gently drifted off to slightly different phrasing. Or else, I might have started with Dusty's phrasing on the melody and then drifted off to what I hope would be appropriate, minimalist, improvisations with a lot of air space. When you aren't the "star" of the record or song, your job is to do your best to support the star, and too many musicians would rather compete, disregard or outshine. But, every performance can't be our best one. Insights and incites by Notes Why I love the saxophone, here is another bossa nova [video=youtube;0-vlX8uRLMQ]
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    There are two versions of Dusty doing this song. The second was recorded in London with arranger Reg Guest... that’s the one with the long sax solo at the end. The original version, for the Casino Royale soundtrack, was recorded by the late, great Phil Ramone. Sax solo or not, I still consider this to be one of the greatest female vocal performances of all time. YMMV.
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    "Be My Baby" - Ronnie Spector & The Ronettes Rats! I had a few more "little" car songs lined up

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