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    it's not even that sophisticated. It has one button per string, per fret. Each button only frets one string, and pretty poorly based on the marketing vids. The only point of it seems to be you can play without actually touching the strings so you don't need calouses. pretty useless.
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    Was this until the accountants got a hold of it. [video=youtube;toXNVbvFXyk]
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    I won't use steel and Piezo combinations. Steel excites Piezo way to much regardless of the packaging attenuation attempts. Piezo is that sensitive. Nylon doesn't affect it nearly that much so that's where I stay. I play a classical with a cut and electronics. Nylon's amplification through Piezo is mellow enough that it can be dragged through the usual effects without sacrificing the acoustic tone that steel strings suffer. I run the guitar through a wireless system to a Fishman SA220 and can't be happier with the sound. When I'm not doing that I'm practicing my plugged sound through a Vox (Clean) headset amplifier. It's rare that I'm unplugged. But, I'm a finger picker so that's where my experience lies.
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    Take a look at Audio Technica's ATW-2120bI. A little less money but a better mic. I have them, the 3000's and the System 10 Pro's in my rental department over the last 40+ years. Good stuff.
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    We actually looked at and tested the BLX2 when they came out as a low cost entry to wireless mic/no snake stage...but the mics were not great vocal mics; they didn't seem to have the range of even a SM58, and they share the same basic cartridge. After that I noticed that most of the end users who liked the mics were using them for speaking purposes, which is far less demanding. So they may work fine for your needs, just not for singing.

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