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    well to keep up form, i presume it will be broke.
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    The newer stuff is better. Here are some of my favs out there. K&K https://kksound.com/products/ultrapuresystem.php#simple3 Fishman https://www.fishman.com/products/series/matrix/matrix-infinity-pickup-amp-system/ https://www.fishman.com/products/series/ellipse/ELLIPSE-MATRIX-BLEND-undersaddle-pickup/ https://www.fishman.com/products/series/aura/ELLIPSE-AURA-UNDERSADDLE-pickup/ My buddy uses DTars in his Martin D28. Sounds good. https://www.seymourduncan.com/acoustic/wave-length-multi-source-system-steel?__uuid_ref=5d3d8050390b7 LR Baggs https://www.lrbaggs.com/pickups/anthem-acoustic-guitar-pickup-and-microphone I know this thread is not about mandolins, but when it came to getting a pick up for my Gibson F5G mandolin I went with the LRBaggs M Radius, which is a stick-on pickup, and very good when matched with there Venue DI preamp. I have seen Sarah Hull a few times live and she did not use the M Radius. [video=youtube;x1v05llOwBk] Justin Townes Earle used a sound hole pick up the times I have seen him [video=youtube;7MDvbIRrP0U] In the studio, I still feel a medium condenser and a something like a Beyer M160 is really nice. [video=youtube;aCy-GywAXwM]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCy-GywAXwM [video=youtube;aivxxQLK9Qw]
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    Through the years I got so frustrated with singer problems, that I learned to sing myself. It was harder than learning the saxophone or guitar, because you can't press the right keys or fret and have the right note come out. It's physical, you need conditioning, proper breathing, proper breath support, and countless hours of practice. But it's worth it. I'll never be a great singer, I don't have the physical equipment for that, but I've learned to become a decent singer. Add that I can play sax, wind synth, guitar, bass, drums, flute, and some keys, and it makes it easier for me to be wanted in a band. But back in them late 1970s I was seeing a fantastic singer who was playing in another band. She also played a rhythm guitar. Pardon the cliche but it was love at first sight, we didn't know it then, it was just lust and fun. But it was both relaxing and exciting from day one. Our bands broke up within weeks of each other. We decided to try something together. Got a piano player, a drum machine and played trio gigs. Later we added a drummer and bass player. That band broke up so we went to the "Musician's Exchange" and found new musicians and was gigging in another 5 piece band. Bass player quit for personal reasons, and we replaced him, drummer quit and we replaced her. Total out of work was 3 months to break the new musicians in. Then when we got our first gig, the room was packed, so they opened the accordion pleat wall and set us in the bar. The new drummer said that God wouldn't forgive her if she played in a bar. I said God would have to forgive me for homicide if you don't play tonight. Talk about delusional -- where did she think we were going to play? The next day Leilani and I quit the band. I bought a Teac 4 channel reel-to-reel and I would record backing tracks. 16 hours a day, 7 days a week and when we had enough tracks for a gig, we went out as a duo. That was in 1985 Eventually digital came along and we ditched the tape for various digital formats. I ended up marrying her and we haven't been out of work since our second year as a duo. Once we established a reputation, we get repeat bookings and we're still doing it. We are both stable, hard-working, professional, and we haven't had personnel problems since. Notes
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