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    "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - The Monkees
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    "My Sunday Feeling" - Jethro Tull [video=youtube;2shXfsqOXwM]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2shXfsqOXwM[/video]
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    You can fit electric guitar strings to an acoustic if you want to - gauge for gauge there is not a huge difference in the sound. But really the only way to achieve easy bending is to use light strings with a low action - and you can get a lower action on an electric guitar than on an acoustic. Other than that it's down to finger strength.
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    [QUOTE=1001gear;n32524415]What about lefties?[/QUOTE] They enter from the back of the building...
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    It's pretty amazing what the modern-day architects and engineers are able to accomplish in terms of building design, shapes, and construction. Having said that, even as a guitarist, I have little interest in staying in a guitar-shaped hotel over any other hotel. I don't really want a guitar-shaped swimming pool or boat either... YMMV.
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    I'm fan of China peddow. I now have more good tone for less than the price of one boutique anything.
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