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    Think of all the innocents you blessed with that knolwedge.
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    Yeah, after all the public might not know the difference between popcorn and musical instruments. Reminds me of Chik-Fil-A suing a guy who made "Eat more kale" t-shirts because consumers might be confused. (http://time.com/3631523/eat-more-kale-slogan-chik-fil-a/)
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    At school we had a kid called Donald Duckworth. I imagine he took his wife's name when he eventually got married.
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    Back in highschool there was a teacher named Mr.Cherry . Of curse we all refered to him as Buster Evne worse one poor kid eventually got his name leagelly changed. What were his parents thinking to name him Woodrow Dick or Woody as he was called
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    The 13 pin isn't MIDI, that magic occurs inside the Roland synth box. So you'll either need to purchase a Roland stand-alone guitar synth, and use it's MIDI output, or spring for one of these: https://www.roland.com/us/products/gi-20/ OH, it's out of production. Well, good luck. Polyphonic guitar synthesis isn't cheap.
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    at the burn i played last month, i broke into a very heavy, primitive groove in my signature gong technique towards the end of a meditation... i know i jumped when they erupted in applause and cheering... ive had a few interesting endings to a meditation, but talk about unexpected! later, a young hippy came up and sez... man, im seriously into metal... heavy metal... but you are my new all time fave metal band... so heavy and its really metal!... doooood!
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    We're good without the stain. I like the way it looks naturally.
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    I've worked under several stage names over the years, mostly as part of a show band schtick. My favorite was Jack M'Hoff.
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    The thing that occurs to me---if that T-O-M replaced a floating bridge, what is it anchored to?
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    [QUOTE=jtr654;n32472149]ES 120 T originally had a huge pick guard with the pickup mounted on it. It also had the V&T and the input on the pick guard.[/QUOTE] I'd say you are correct [url]https://reverb.com/p/gibson-es-120t-sunburst-1966[/url] [IMG]https://images.reverb.com/image/upload/s--FLWNpvTu--/a_exif,c_limit,e_unsharp_mask:80,f_auto,fl_progressive,g_south,h_1600,q_80,w_1600/v1381170278/dpisgrceyeygllo8ygon.jpg[/IMG]
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    Jim Dunlop took back the sound it once made and brought it with him to the other side. Your pedal was the chosen one.
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    All of your responses are greatly appreciated for sure. I’m going to go with Daddymacks advice and sit him down and establish some goals he/we should be aiming for. Again I’m not in this to achieve success as a musician ie... going out and performing. I just need to step back and put things into perspective. Call me soft but I really like the guy and don’t want to make things awkward. On a positive note he makes my playing sound fantastic!!!!!
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    Before you go overboard...have you had an open discussion with your partner regarding these issues? There should be a way of doing that without it getting rancorous...
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    Want to know what's up at Winter NAMM 2019? Then be sure to check out our 2019 Winter NAMM forum, where we'll be posting our show reports. You'll also find links to the latest NAMM news, as well as to NAMM-related threads started by HC members. https://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/trade-shows/winter-namm-2019
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    Want to know what's new at NAMM? Then be sure to check out Harmony Central News - all the latest press releases from NAMM exhibitors is posted to HC News each day as soon as it's released (or when it comes off of press embargo status), so be sure to check daily for the latest announcements. We've added "NAMM 2019" to the titles of all NAMM-related News articles so you can quickly see everything that is show-related. You can access HC News from the front page of the site, or better yet, use this link to go directly to the News feed for all product categories: https://www.harmonycentral.com/news/category/0
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    Yes Just whatever you buy, test drive and see what you like best. I was hell-bent on a Roland kit, but like the Yamaha sounds better. I didn't want any weird drum sound and I like the Yamaha maple and birch kit sounds better. Hell if Yamaha can't sample their acoustic kits well, then who can. Bring a pair of headphones with you when you test drive.
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    I just saw someplace where Alesis is now offering mesh heads. Seems more and more drummers are a mesh.
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    I'm a guitar player, but have a set of Premier Drums at the house I bought 20 years ago. I also have a set of Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drums One mesh snare and the rest is rubber. It's ok, but ever wife, family, and pet-friendly. I had a budget of a grand, plus or minus a little wiggle room. I think the full mesh with rubber ride, hh and crash was another 500 hundred.
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