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    I have all the Argent albums on vinyl well up to when Russ Ballard departed. my favorite is still their first album when Russ sing the song ‘Liar’ which became such a big hit for Three Dog Night. Another great song on the’In Deep album ’ penned by Russ Ballard was God Gave Rock and Roll to You. BTW I was happy to hear that ‘The Zombies will be inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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    You just take the clamp apart by unscrewing the nuts, slide it over the boom, and reassemble it. It's mainly just a big U bolt. Here's a bad pic (sorry, my camera was almost out of juice so I only got one shot): [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"C_Weight.jpg","data-attachmentid":32417014}[/ATTACH] That's the grip on the left and the main part of the boom is off to the right. The background is the wall of my basement. I'd say 60% of the boom is on the side away from the mike. It works well and it was cheap.
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    [QUOTE=daddymack;n32415003]first off...'there are no dum[b] questions', as my Granny used to say...'just ignorant people'... not that I think you are ignorant, crustoleum... Over the years I have used numerous types of thread seal, blue loctite, vibratite, glyptol, nail polish...what I use now is Avery glue stick on the threads before I tighten the nut. It keeps the nut in place, but the nut is still easily removable, and I can get the glue stick in a three pack at the 99 cent store for a buck.[/QUOTE] Loctite has better tone :rolleyes:
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    a drop of fingrnail polish is a cheap and easy form of thread lock
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