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Make Better Music with Harmony Central | View Online | V17.7

Welcome to Make Better Music! One of our goals is to present a diversity of information, and this issue is no exception.

For the beats fans, Craig explains how to beef up wimpy analog drum sounds, but also fades in on a story about the Les Paul Faded. Dendy flips his bearing edge with an innovative snare drum from Grover Pro Percussion. Chris takes a load off his shoulder as he bench presses the new Michael Kelly Enlightened Weight Relief Collection. And while he was feeling enlightened, he lays out the difference between Single Coil and Humbucker pickups and cooks up an article on how to spice up your guitar sound. Meanwhile, Phil explores the high and low road as he demystifies high-pass and low-pass filters.

Guest contributor Travis Browning goes to the rodeo with Fender's Squier Bullet Mustang HH, and David Himes questions whether opening for a national act really is the ticket to fame.

Why Forums Why Now

Of course, this content is just part of the picture—the user reviews and forum posts from the community are what give Harmony Central its soul. But riddle me this: forums were written off as old-fashioned when Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. hit—yet Harmony Central has had six straight months of significant growth. We don’t have a definitive answer as to why, but we have some theories…


Beef Up Your Beats

Feature Article: How To Beef Up Your Beats
by Craig Anderton

Take your beats from wimpy to wondrous

MORE >>>

Michael Kelly Weight Relief Guitars

Expert Review: Michael Kelly Enlightened Weight Relief Collection
by Chris Loeffler

These guitars have seen the light

MORE >>>

HiPass LowPass Filters

High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters
by Phil O'Keefe

The Rodney Dangerfields of filters get some respect

MORE >>>

Grover EQlipse Snare

Expert Review: Grover Pro Percussion EQlipse Dual Apex™ Snare Drum
by Dendy Jarrett

You’ll flip over this flippable snare!

MORE >>>

PickUps Standoff

Feature Article: What's The Difference Between Single Coil and Humbucker Pickups?
by Chris Loeffler

The clean and dirty nitty gritty ...

MORE >>>

Fender Squier Mustang HH

Expert Review: Fender Squier Bullet Mustang HH
by Travis Browning

Horse around for less bucks

MORE >>>

Gibson Les Paul Faded

Feature Article: Meet The Les Paul Faded
by Craig Anderton

What makes the Faded shine?

MORE >>>

National Acts

Feature Article: Is Opening for a National Act the Answer?
By David Himes

Be careful what you wish for…

MORE >>>

Why Use Effects

Feature Article: Why Use Effects?
By Chris Loeffler

When you want to spice things up

MORE >>>

Rock Rewind

Feature Article: HC's Rock Rewind - March 12th - 26th
by Team HC

Eric Clapton goes solo and The Doobie Brothers take it to the streets

MORE >>>

Gibson USA 2017 Model Year

Your NEXI Wah Pedal?
Bang A Gong
The Problem With Your Mix Is That It Has No Aroma
U Tek'it Oru Leave It
Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module Brings Classic Sound Without The Bulk Or Weight

Cakewalks Sonor Home Studio

DAWs Are Not Sports Teams… Are They?
Ever Wondered What It Was Like To Record All-Analog?
How Did Your Guitar Tastes Change As You Got Older?
Opinions On Repairs For This Cracked Headstock?
Bassists - How Big Of An Amp Do You Want For Club Gigs?

Epiphone Contest March 2017

Gibson Hummingbird
Roland AC 90
CF Martin MMV 000
Guild F50R
Yamaha APX-7

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Dendy Jarrett  Executive Director
Craig Anderton  Editorial Director
Phil O'Keefe  Senior Editor
Chris Loeffler  Senior Editor
Travis Browning  Contributor Editor
David Himes  Contributor Editor
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