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Welcome to Make Better Music!

Craig Anderton's workshops were a big hit at GearFest, Between the Waves, and Summer NAMM, so he's put the info from one of them into an article about writing songs with your computer. Craig also "borrowed" a lawyer’s Secret Decoder Ring, and uses it to give you the real meaning of your record contract’s twisted legalese. Phil finds out whether Ampeg's Classic Analog Bass Preamp is the ace of bass, and has a heady experience with Samson's QH4 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier. Dendy plays “Mr. Tambourine Man” with his unique take on the Grover Pro Studio Tambourine, while Chris Loeffler strums for info with his Acoustic Blues Primer and then unravels R&M's Tone Technology Power Wire Active Guitar Cables. Russ Loeffler explores an alternative to a full-size concert grand piano, and finally Atom Willard talks about big tour gigs with Adele's drummer Derrick Wright — oh, and don't forget to take a nostalgic look back with our ever-popular Rock Rewind.

An Endangered Species

Musicians - An Endangered Species?

Dear Musician – Wikipedia defines an endangered species as “a species that has been categorized as likely to become extinct.” If you read the clickbait articles on the web—or noticed the dramatic decline in live performance venues—you might think musicians are morphing into dinosaurs. But these “the end of the world is coming” stories get boring after a while—here’s why.


Songwriting Computer

Special Feature Article: 10 Tips for Computer-Based Songwriting
by Craig Anderton

Speed thrills—especially when you need to be creative ...

MORE >>>

Craigs List Contracts

Craig's List: Five Artist Contract Lines Explained
by Craig Anderton

Better read this article before the cease and desist order arrives

MORE >>>

Ampeg Bass PreAmp

Expert Review: Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp
by Phil O'Keefe

Can this little pedal really deliver the big Ampeg sound?

MORE >>>

Grover Studio Pro Tambourine

Expert Review: Grover Pro Percussion Studio Pro™ Tambourine
by Dendy Jarrett

When only the best jingle jangle jingle will do...

MORE >>>

Derrick Wright

Feature Article: Derrick Wright - Drumming Big Gigs
by Atom Willard

Say “Hello” to the dynamic duties of drumming for demigods...

MORE >>>

Acoustic Guitar Blues Primer

Feature Article: Acoustic Blues Primer with Terry Robb
by Chris Loeffler

Find out about the blues you want to have...

MORE >>>

RM Cables

Expert Review: R&M Tone Technology PowerWire Active Guitar Cables
by Chris Loeffler

Meet the cables where you get out more than you put in

MORE >>>

Samson QH4

Expert Review: Samson QH4 Four Channel Headphone Amplifier
by Phil O'Keefe

You’re covered if you have four people—or four heads

MORE >>>

Synthgy Ivory II Studio Grands

Expert Review: Synthogy Ivory II Studio Grands
By Russ Loeffler

You don’t have to move it or tune it…but it’s still pretty grand

MORE >>>

Rock Rewind

Feature Article: HC's Rock Rewind- July 17th - 30th
by Team HC

Elvis records his first studio record, Ringo Starr kicks off his first-ever solo tour, and much more ...

MORE >>>

Cloudlifter Zi

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How To Make Amp Sims Sound More "Analog"
25 Million Plays And Zero Dollars - A Look At The SoundCloud Business Model
24" Short Scale Electric Guitars
Warmouth Jagstang Rises From The Ashes
Are You A Christopher Nolan Type Of Musician?

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Atom Willard  Contributor
Russ Loeffler  Contributor
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