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White streaks rosewood fretboard

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Hi, about 5 months ago I bought a brand new Epiphone Dot. It has a rosewood fretboard.


I've only recently noticed white streaks in a section of the fretboard - between the nut and the first fret.


The streaks are random and run down the fretboard (all the way across it) but don't extend past the first fret. They appear to be part of the rosewood's structure - by this I mean there is nothing stuck to the rosewood and they are not scratches into the wood.


The streaks appear to me to be natural discoloration in the wood.


I've tried using Kyser Lem-Oil to condition the fretboard. This does nothing; the white streaks remain.


Are these streaks anything I should be concerned about???

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It's not something crammed into the grain, is it? I've seen polishing powder get crammed into rosewood grain before.


Good point.


A series of wipes with a damp cotton swab or cloth can remove it.


If it doesn't lift away, it is probably mineral streaks, as above.

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