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BareKnuckle - PRS 5 Way Wiring - PLEASE HELP!!!

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Okay... So I have done my research... And this is what I have found... And this is what I think I should do.


I am putting in a set of BareKnuckle Black Dogs in a PRS CE24 with a 5 way rotary switch. I have special ordered the pickups to do so as well. The Neck pickup has the magnet rotated properly and it should match the current PRS Neck Pickup. I have matched up PRS's Pickup leads to the Bare Knuckle as well... Please tell me if this is correct:



North Start - WHITE

North Finish/South Finish - RED

South Start - Black



North Start - BLACK

North Finish/South Finish - RED

South Start - White


Bare Knuckle Pickup Leads (Neck and Bridge):

North Start - RED

North Finish/South Finish - Green and White (Soldered Together)

South Start - Black


So --- To match the listing above... I should wire as so:

BK Bridge RED to PRS Bridge BLACK


BK Bridge BLACK to PRS Bridge WHITE

= and =



BK Neck BLACK to PRS Neck Black



I have also attached a diagram that will show PRS Wiring on top and My BK Pickup Wiring below.





Is this correct?!?! Am I ready to solder!?!? Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!





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im no expert at pickup installation, but I have done it a handful of times. What I do it just look where the ground and lead wires from the old PUPS went, and just replace those with the new PUP wires.


From the looks of your diagram, you have almost done that. the only thing I see is that you are changing where the black ground wire goes on your bridge PUP. I would think to leave that where the original one was



EDIT: nevermind, i didnt really read your post :facepalm: I realized I really have no idea what I'm talkign about in this situation... sorry

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Here are the wire codes from Bare Knuckle Website:


BK-Humbucker 4 Conductor color code

Black =start of screw coil

White = finish of screw coil

Red = start of slug coil

Green = finish of slug coil


PRS 3 conductor color code:

PRS Neck

BLACK =start of screw coil

RED = finish of screw coil AND start of slug coil

WHITE = finish of slug coil

PRS Bridge

WHITE =start of screw coil

RED = finish of screw coil AND start of slug coil

BLACK = finish of slug coil

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I paid $259.99 because of the burnt chrome covers... I ordered them thru Nick at "The Axe PLace" -- They took FOREVER because they were a special build and had to come over the pond from the UK... But I am patient, and Nick was great to work with.

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Oh come on people? There has to be some guitar wiring experts around here? I am going to install them this weekend... And we will see what happens. Nobody wants to agree with my findings above?!??!

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Okay.... Here they are installed!!!!
















And here are my thoughts:


First thing I noticed was the drop in output... There was a BIG difference between the 9k BK Bridge - to the PRS HFS pickup... Not as noticible difference to on the neck pickup. But I am okay with that, a little extra volume and all is fine. I actually like it better this way... AND LET ME TELL YOU, This guitar now pours out TONS of creamy tone!!! Very detailed cords, you can hear every note, very round and full sounding. The PRS pickups are good pickups, but the BareKnuckles are much more organic.


Money Well Spent... and I really like the look of the burnt chrome pickups in this guitar!!!


I am a happy man!

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