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Coolest Guitar Lesson evar!


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I go to my lesson last night and my teacher asks if we can cut the lesson to 1/2hr because he has to get the studio ready for a band coming in to rehearse. I said sure who's the band


Marky Ramone :eek::eek::eek:


So of course I hung out to meet Marky and his band (Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg, guitarist Alex Kane and Bassist Clare B). All of them were very nice Marky was very nice and of course has that cool New York accent :D


I watched them play until I had to leave and it was very interesting to watch a pro group rehearse. I noted that they don't play very loud so they can hear each other I guess and to save their hearing :idk:. They moved through their set very quickly and there was no messing around between songs.


Not every day you get to meet someone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and a band that does deserve to be there). :cool::wave:


Oh and Marky is a bad ass drummer :thu:

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