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Help Me Spend My Money!


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Ok so this came up on my local Kijiji:





I emailed the guy and he says hes willing to sell just the amp without the extension cab. His stated price was $460 CAD.


I was wondering what your opinions were on the price and also on the amp in general. I've been looking for one of these for a while now. As for tones I generally play clean to mild OD these days (jazz, blues), but I did grow up on hard rock and metal so I'd like some versatility as well. I don't gig at all and this would purely be for home play.


Now since the loonie is almost par with the dollar you can just add 10 or 20 bucks to the asking price to get an idea. The main issue with price is that I just purchased a new Ibanez AS73 (still on the way), and this would be a fairly big dent on my wallet.


With the amp itself I have a few main concerns.


1. The volume of the amp, I know for sure that it will be way too loud for my needs. I've looked into getting the smaller wattage tube amps (AC4 comes to mind), but I just don't like the "flabby" sound of overdrive through those small speakers.


2. Clean headroom? I've heard that this amp is seriously lacking in this department, but have not had the chance to try this out in person. Thoughts? (again I do not need high volumes)



On a side note I tried one of those mesa boogie express 525's the other day and those things are ridiculously nice. The price however, is not. :facepalm:



Anyways thanks for the input!

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1. If you're looking at an amp with a very tight bottom end for metal, then an open back combo won't do you any good. Look for closed back cabinets if you want tight bottom end. However the C30 will be great for hard rock tones.


2. Clean should be fine as long as you don't need it loud. 30watts of tube power is quite a bit and will get pretty loud for home use before it starts breaking up.



For home play I would suggest something with less wattage. Maybe look at a smaller amp and add in a closed back cab or something. If you're not stuck on tubes then you can look at the line6 podx3 or something and add an atomic 1x12" cab? That would give you the most versatility in a manageable volume.

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