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cafe nowhere: a sonic departure


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I think, in short, that the antidote to the false revolutions is to begin not from the enthusiasm for the future, but from a re-reading of a past which is still living in the present: the lucidly desecrating poetry that in the 60s faced the mass society, the advertisements, by assuming in an unexpected and polemic way their stereotypes, by actuating a continuous meta-linguistic somersault, breaking the poetic aura - of which, everyday more, digital works in high definition are surrounded -: the discourse became fragmented, the grimace was exasperated, deformed, contaminated with not verbal elements, producing the visual, sound, performative poetry, ambient/installation-poetry, created by artists, really so different from each other, as Mirella Bentivoglio, Julien Blaine, Tomaso Binga, Eugenio Miccini, Luca Patella, Lamberto Pignotti, and now JJ Pistols, who have developed, in an original and differentiated way, experiences by Fluxus, conceptual art, concrete poetry and Lettrism.

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