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Is bigger better...cabs..recording?


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I thought I would ask for some opinions on close miking gtr cabs

I have never recording 4/12's and it has been a long time since I have done any tracking with 2/12's cabs. So for the past year it has been either a Sm57

Or Senn.609 in front of a 1/12 cab. I do not use a room mic, just up close.

The amps I am using is a HT-5 and Vox AC4Tv heads, perhaps a Marshall Class 5 down the road.

Would I notice any beefier or much different recorded tone using a larger cab than the 1/12 I have now. Again this would be close mic.

I know there are some variables like using two different mics and perhaps having different speakers in a 2/12 or 4/12.

Any thoughts appreciated

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