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Ibanez Mikro Sonic


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I mainly play jazz, so this is my oddball guitar.


I saw it on ebay for $50 and thought it would be good to have at work--no amp and such. I wanted to mess around with a short scale anyway.


The fingerboard is quite nice. I cannot believe that the manufacturing has this tight of tolerances in a Chinese factory. I have the action adjusted really low and there are no buzzes at all. This is amazing considering that it is such a small scale. It was HORRIBLY set up when I got it. I'll bet they all come that way.


The speaker is better than I had imagined, but not much better.

The distortions are hilarious.


It is not a serious guitar but it is not bad either. It would be my #1 choice for a kid's guitar--it seems solid and well-made. I wish I had had something this well-made to play when I was learning! An epiphone express is a far better guitar if you want a short scale, but that is mainly because they have a neck pickup, and, thus, no internal amp/speaker.


It will be fun to play around with and it beats my old Synsonics terminator guitar w/self-amp by far (everything does).

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I got one on close-out for my kid; great idea to have everything self-contained and battery operated.


It looked really nice, but had a big-ass crack in the body, had to go back.


Gave it a quick run-through anyway and found that the built-in amp was very prone to feedback, and not in a good way. Hard to play it with any sort of gain at all; doubt it was due to the crack itself, but maybe due to the impact that made the crack?


Anyway, the rest of it was nice - neck, set-up, etc - and I would've been torn about sending it back (might've tried to mod the amp instead) were it not for the crack.

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