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Recommend me a high end shredder

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I'm going to spring for a high end shredder but don't know what to get. Give me some ideas and what you liked or didn't like when you played them. Please don't recommend Agile's and Epiphone's and LTD's. I think my price limit is $2800. I'm not into active pup's and rosewood fingerboards. I don't think I want an Ibanez Either.


Are there any small builders anyone can recommend?


Has anyone ever played a Caparison, BTW?

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except for the trem a PRS Custom 24 is a pretty good shredding guitar



never got into the stuff Paul makes. I should have added the fact that I am a heavy abuser of a trem. The only thing I've liked in the PRS range as of recent was their 305 strat, but I'm not looking for one of those.

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Jackson Soloist SL2. USA Made. Neckthru.

Ebony fretboard. Quality electronics and components.


What I like: reasonably light (8 pounds even), aluminum panels on the back,

not plastic. Light and resonant and capable of producing more than just your

garden variety metal tones - heck you can even do decent jazz, country and

surf tones if you dial it in right.


These pickups are high output passives (Kent Armstrong but you can get

anything you want in them).


The current model is the SL2H with sharkfin inlays.


I'm currently using it with a Roland GK3 because the neckthru really

lends itself to stable platform for triggering synth stuff.


It sounds great as a regular guitar. Just had some work done on it

and the pics you see here are of my guitar which is about 12 years old now.


Yep, still looks new and I play it a lot.


I've never even SEEN a Caparison in person yet. Anyway, check one of the USA made SL guitars.

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I going to say the SL2 as well


or maybe an RG3550MZ:thu:



Jackson guitars-


Liked the RR1 with the exception of pickup selector placement. Heard the King V has an ibanez-like thin neck. That's one reason I'm not looking into Ibanez stuff. I want something similar to a charvel or a Wolfgang *Speedy and medium thin*. Haven't played a WR1 or a KE2. But the import kelly is a good player so I wonder. Also, I've thought about the PC1- If I put a JB in the bridge, it would be awesome.


Soloists seem very different to me. each one I play varies. Some are great, and some are iffy. I think pre fender jackson soloists are better. I played an orange one with a maple board at Paul Unkathers shop in NJ and it was fantastic. A little while later I was at Matt's Music (a store near boston) and played a red SL1. It was a great axe, but somehow it wasn't the same. The pre- fender's just felt better.


Charvel stuff-


If I can find a used Charvel Star and save some coin, I'd go that way. I love the star shape and if I found one with dual hums and a floyd it would be case closed. I've looked the the ESP Gus G, but I'm not into rosewood boards...They go cheap used too which is a dilemma. I just find the feel of rosewood too grainy.


Hey axe,


How is your Nuno?

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............Or maybe one of them San Dimas so cal, the look quite shreddy


Check my signature- I've got a SoCal. It's great for creamy thick tones and a Modded SD1. It's got a Suhr Aldrich pup in the bridge, a duncan jazz in the neck, both coil tapped. I can go from hot AC/DC and Ratt tones, pull up my push pul pot to coil tap the pups, and play beach boys riffs. The SD1 has sold me on charvel. I know exactly what I'd get in a custom-



XJ Jumbo SS frets

Mohogany neck

DiMartini neck shape

AAAAA Birdseye board

24 frets

Scalloped at the 15th fret upwards

Custom inlay at the 12th fret

Gold Sperzel Tuners

Floyd nut and locks (gold)





Blue Maple quilt top

Star shape

contour on upper fin for my arm to rest on

output jack on the back of the body (like a Brian Moore)

Floyd Rose Pro, non- recessed, but floating (gold)



Single coil sustainer in the neck (with on off switch, and mode select switch)

Dimarzio Chopper beneath the sustainer

Duncan RTM

All the active electronics you'd find in a USA BC Rich




That's my custom. 2800 bucks is my max, but I don't even want to spend that. I could just Imagine what my custom axe would cost.


Oh, In case someone says get a carvin (the reverse ML), When I played it at the factory in San Diego, the neck felt far too fat for me.

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I'd hunt down a early 80's B.C. Rich... actually that's exactly what I did :thu:




its easier for me to list what I (kind of)didn't like about it... at first I wasn't that hot into trems either, but kahlers are easy to get into and just don't seem to give me the same problems I hear about floyds. I like kahlers now so its cool afterall, I wouldn't change it.

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Not sure why you're ruling out Ibanez as their high-end Prestiges are very well made, but you may want to look into an EBMM Petrucci sig. That is an amazing guitar.



Played the EBMM. Cool guitar! Cool that it had the acoustic pickup I could blend with the signal of the other pups.On the other hand, the trem did go out of tune after a while.


To make it clear, Ibanez necks (the petrucci included) are too thin for me. I like medium thin to just medium sized necks, i.e. Charvel, Jackson, EVH Wolfgang, ESP Lynch. That's why I've ruled out Ibanez, my hands get cramped. Also, Ibanez makes some nice stuff, but they have no mojo for me.

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Carvin Holdsworth H-2.

Thick neck... but really fast... can be orded with floyd rose... and Allan can certainly shred on it... maybe you could too!




Ok, (i say this with a little grin on my face). That's the biggest, flattest neck I've ever played on. It's like I'm holding a classical guitar. Not Into the holdsworth, but I'm looking into carvins.


I'm looking into suhr's too. I already have their aldrich pup in my green Charvel San Dimas, so i may or may not get one, as I already get their sound. I played the Reb Beach model at Manny's in NYC (before they closed) and it was impressive.


There's a bunch of stuff I'm looking at, I just need feedback from users. Here's a list of stuff that's crossed my mind-



Jackson/ Charvel USA

ESP Gis g, akira takaski, RS

Killer (but they're no USA dealers)

Wayne (best neck I've ever played)


Gary Kramer Customs

Buddy Blaze Customs

Tom Anderson (I've never played a bad anderson axe)

Hembry customs

Maybe an Ed Roman custom (if he doesn't rip me off)

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