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Don't you just love inexperienced "tabbers"?


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So, I'm staying with my sister for a few days and I'm teaching her some stuff on guitar like Nirvana riffs, chords and scales (she's just started) and while she's at work, I'm left here to do what I please. I decided to go to Ultimate Guitar to learn a bit of Motley Crue to fight off boredom and I've learned Saints of Los Angeles, Dr. Feelgood, She Needs Rock and Roll, y'know, the classics (with the exception of the first, only came out last year). So next, I decide to learn Kickstart My Heart, and I was shocked at what I found:




What really made me laugh about this is:



if you find any mistakes you're wrong,

or you need to listen to the song and figure it out.



I mean, seriously... YOU'VE GOT THE TAB UPSIDE DOWN!

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