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Has anyone tried any of these 3 pickups?


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Big $$$$$$ don't equal great tone.

Bought a set of Kinmans a while ago. Cost me a {censored}ing {censored}load and didn't like em.


Got a used Strat with a set of Kinmans in it around two years ago. Been my #1 guitar ever since.


That said, you can find just as good for cheaper. $440 per pickup is way steep. Unless you no longer like your Lollars, I'd stay with them. That's an insane price for pickups no one knows anything about.

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Money is not the issue here, tone is...



that's silly dude..


think of all the other {censored} you'd have to buy to keep up to par with the pickups..


bad ass amp and probably one of those stupid cables that cost more than a cheap guitar




just doesn't make sense.




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