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Two amps in one cab


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Sorry I know that there was probably a similar question before, but I just want to get sure that I don't blow my gear.


I want to run both my Blackstar Series One 200 Watt Head and my Marshall Vintage Modern 50 Watt Head into my Orange PPC 4x12 Cab. The cab can only handle loads of 16 Ohm and has two inputs. It has Celestion Vintage 30 speakers at 240 Watts. I can lower the power of the Blackstar all the way down to 20 Watts.


So my question: Can I run both heads at the same time using an a/b switch into the cab, while setting both heads to 16 ohms and lowering the power of the Blackstar head to say 100 Watt without blowing the speakers or anything else?


Thanks for any advices.


Edit: Sorry wrong forum

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