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ever had a bad luck guitar????


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I've been playing guitar for about 18 years now. and until just last week, have never had bad luck with a guitar.


every guitar I've ever had, I have been able to do something creative with. I've always been able to make a guitar sound good doing one at least one sound, whether it be an "expensive" sound or a "cheap" sound, it was always a pleasant sound.


Recently, I bought an epiphone dot (used)

It came with some body damage from shipping (first owner, strike one even before the guitar was played)

the owner had it for about a year and never played it (or he played it and realized that it played and sounded like poop, strike two)


I bought it off of him and thought the guitar was ok, but needed some work/love to really bring out the sound. I put in some duncan pickups which really helped it, but still, no luck.


The other day falls off the guitar stand, BAM!!! Headstock break! (strike three)


it was somewhat of a clean break. I managed to glue the headstock back togeher (ugly as all hell!!!!) and now the pickups are having issues. I know how to wire a guitar, I've been doing it professionally. I cannot count how many times I've wired up a guitar, and for some reason, this one does not want to work.


This guitar has the worst luck!!!! I think i have to smash it to make my life easier!


and by the way, I've had this guitar for a total about one month... I'm so pissed about this whole situation.


For the first time ever, I can confidently say, I HATE THIS GUITAR!!!!!

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