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Trade Offer: Thoughts?


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Does the truss rod cover say "Dinky Rev." and nothing else? If it does, you need to jump on that deal. Those are killer guitars. I had a black one with the rosewood board and it was a great guitar. Been thinking about buying another one actually..

EDIT: Didn't see the CL link.. Yeah, that's the one. The direct mount pups and the offset dots were unique to that one model. It does have the JT590 (Schaller). You'll want to check a couple things on that trem. The biggest problem they have is that the baseplate is made from soft metal, so the holes for the intonation screws strip out. Longer screws can fix this, so it's not the end of the world. Easy way to see if they're slipping is to pull up on the bar really fast and hard. If no saddles pop loose, and they're not all pushed up against the screw, then you should be ok. The other thing is the bar. Pull it off and see how worn the little peg is. This is easily replaced as well, but just a couple things to check and maybe use in your negotiations.

Great guitar :thu:

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