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New Pickup Day - EMG DG-20's


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During my daily scan of craigslist last night, I saw a set of these for sale. I've wanted to change the pickups in my dan-o-caster (my home built guitar...body from scratch - esp neck) for a while and couldn't resist the EMG's.


Picked them up and threw them on today. Really sweet sounding pickups.


I need to mess around with the dials or pickup height on the neck though. Clean, these sound amazing in all positions. But with heavy gain, the neck and neck/middle settings are a bit muddy sounding. My 87 with lace sensors sound a lot better in the neck with gain. I wasn't expecting that.


Anyone else with these pickups have the same experience?


Overall, I'm very happy. This guitar never sounded so good.


Here's what it used to look like:



Here it is tonight:



I'm going to swap out the tremolo next. I want a better one and now the black looks out of place to me.

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