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2009: What gear did you acquire in the last year?


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1981 Fender Bullet

Squier Classic Vibe 50s

'94 Squier Bullet

Fender Custom Shop 65 NOS/AVRI partsocaster

Kramer Focus/Now with Squier neck


Marshall 1965A Cab

Peavey Classic 50 4x10

Fender Vibro Champ XD


and some pedals..... Man I bought a lot this year. Didn't think about it till I listed it out!:eek: Although in my defense the last two guitars were bought like two days ago for Christmas, and the Peavey was supposed to be a present for X-mas 08 but I didn't get it until the beginning of 09





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No guitars or basses for me in 2009.

I did get:


'72 Fender Bassman 50 head and 215 cab.
Avatar 212 cabinet with G12H30 and V30 speakers.
Barber Direct Drive Super Sport
Turbo Tuner
Digitech Hardwire Reverb
Digitech Hardwire Delay
Blackstar HT-5 stack

Got a bunch of strings and picks for Christmas too.

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2009 was a big year for me in gear:


carvin C750

G&L ASAT tribute (trade with coolblues)

Peavey Classic 50 4x10

93 Fender Duo Sonic


Boss PS-5

Boss TU-2

Boss GE-7

GFS vintage single coils


also ordered but won't be here till Jan 5:

new tuners for the Duo Sonic and my Peavey strat project

new trem for the strat project

and the new GFS Delay Pedal

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73 Super Reverb, THD Hotplate so I can actually use it indoors, 62 reissue- almost sold it but then realized I was just being stupid and needed new pups, best rat clone ever and fret end file I should have bought years ago.



83 Sg with Shaws- Don't have a better pic because its getting a much needed refret-









I don't own as much stuff as I used to , but I like what I have.

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Roland VG-99, FC300, GK3.


My guitar with the GK3 on it, my Jackson SL2 Soloist had some TLC applied by world renowned David Rusan (the builder of the original white cloud guitars for Prince). He's also been a luthier to everyone from Thin Lizzy to Holdsworth.




-frets levelled

-action set/trussrod adjusted

-top buffed out

-electronics checked/shielded

-a few other bits.


It plays like new again and it's 11 years old!

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yes sir, picked it up from my brother for $40 to teach myself how to do wiring, fret work, and what not on it...



Haha nice, that's what my strat project is. The predecessor with the S-S-S config was my first electric and it sat in it's bag for years after I upgraded instruments. I decided to pull it out a few weeks ago and tinker with it. After the last of the parts get here on the 5th it will have new pickups, bridge, tuners, knobs and electronics. Did a fret level and oiled the neck as well, I can't wait to here how it sounds, I love polishing up an old turd!

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Way WAY too much stuff, but I've already flipped probably three quarters of it.

Some memorable pieces I bought in 2009 and still have:

1989 Japanese Fender Strat
1984-1987 Japanese Squier
1986 Japanese Squier Bullet
1986 Japanese Aria Pro II The Cat
Partscaster with an MIJ Fender Body, Robert Cray neck, CS69 pickups

5E3 Tweed Deluxe Clone
Vox AC15H1TV
Fender Twin II

Couple pics just to spice up an otherwise bland text-filled post.






Decent pieces that got away:

Vox AC15CC
Marshall DSL 401
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Fender FMT Tele
LTD EC1000






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I went on a bender this year but I also sold some stuff too.


Old Ampeg Solid State Guitar Amp G-100
Ampeg Bass Amp B-100
Ampeg Junior Jet 1968 tube amp
Washburn Scavenger Bass 1981

Epiphone Rock Bass
PRS SE Soapbar II with BG pups
Epiphone Valve Jr. Head

About to go
Behringer Bass practice amp
Peavey 1x12 Cab
Ampeg G-100 SS amp chassis. (I needed the cabinet.)

Maybe I'll have come out even gear-wise but with better stuff.

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