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2009: What gear did you acquire in the last year?


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With all the negative stuff floating around these days, I figured it would be cool to post all of the cool new gear we all acquired in 2009. It doesn't matter if you just bought a new strap or a new slide, feel free to post it.


Here is what I picked up this year:


Ibanez S-Classic




1992 Ibanez RG 470, MIJ




2001 Ibanez RG 320 Basket Case that I resurrected




My new main amp, a Crate Power Block




And a few pedals; Ive been on a recent pedal buying binge:


BBE Two Timer Delay

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

Boss BF-2 Flanger (MIJ)

Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah

DOD Grunge



And in case it isn't painfully obvious by now, I'm an admitted Ibanez whore. :thu:



So, bring on your 2009 gear purchases/trades and here's hoping the new year will bring more good deals and good gear to make us all happy!!!!

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Gibson Silverburst V for my kid (graduation next May)

PRS SE Paul Allender for my kid (X-mas)

Am Series Std Strat

3 PRS SE Customs for me

Epi Popa Cubby V

Fender HH Jag

Kay Vintage Twin

Squier DuoSonic

Schecter C-1 Classic

Danelectro '67 Dead On

Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster w Bigsby

Fender VG Stratocaster

Gibson Firebird V

Gibson Les Paul Studio Robot

Rickenbacker 360/12

Yamaha SA503 TVL


Marshall MG15MSZW Limited Edition Zakk Wylde Guitar Amplifier Micro

Marshall JCM2000 Guitar Amplifier Half Stack with DSL100MLB Head & MC412 Angled Cabinet

Roland Cube 20X

Fender Bassman RI

Peavey Royal 8 (Upgrade with Jensen C8R)


Peavey JSX Mini Colossal

Blackstar HT-5 Head

Marshall Class5 (on order)

Tech 21 Trademark 30 (on backorder)


Half dozen or so pedals

Planet Waves Strobe Tuner

Boss GE-7 EQ

Electric Mistress


Vintage Ibanez Delay AD-9

Boss FRV-1

Fulltone OCD

Marshall Reflector

Radial Big Shot ABY

Digitech Chromatic Tuner

Coffin Case Blood Drive

Damage Control Liquid Blues


Yamaha YDD60 Digital Drum Machine


New pickups, guitar stands, 6 new amp speakers, straps, strings, books, DVDs


and let's not forget my Schalloch bongos and my favorite acquition -


My Schalloch Djembe


Where have you been all my life Djembe? :love:


I think that's about it.


Oh, and the wife got me a cowbell for Christmas, because, we all need "more cowbell".




Edit: P.S. Just added a PreSonus INSPIRE 1394. It was already half off, plus M123's UPROMISE brought it down to $85 + tax. Making it my last official GAS execution for 2009.


so - Next year I'll be making JJ listen to my clips. :evil:



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This might be my slowest year since I started hanging out here at HCEG.



Silvertone 1323




Explorer kit (on hold for Spring)




Kay Project (dumpster rescue, on hold for Spring)




First Act Sheena (my HC Raffle prize!)




Rickenbacker 330 (MF July 4th special!)




If I hadn't blown $999 on the Ric, I could have bought 5 or 6 cool guitars.



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I was being a little tongue-in-cheek there. I realize that I got a great deal.


It did alter my plans for a Kay reissue though.


It was one long as wait for that Kay. I ordered at the beginning of Sept with expect availability of 9/28. It finally rolled up to the doorstep last week. I'm pretty happy with it, but I wouldn't mind a little more output from the pickups. But a couple days ago I ran it through my Fender Twin with it cranked up a bit, and it had me doing a poor man's Chuck Berry duck walk dance around the LR. Pretty fun. Got a real tacky leopard strap to go with it too. :o

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Randal T2 and Lynch Box Proto Cab



Bc Rich Gunslinger (now gone)




Warmoth neck for my Strat


various other things like pickups, tuners etc.



Will be going out in a minute to go buy myself a new Fender Strat (Mexican), really surprised at the quality of them.

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I went looking for your Kay NGD pics & couldn't find any.




Yeah, my wife took back her camera, so my NGD threads came to a screechin halt. Plus I was afraid JJ might whoop my ass and make me post a clip if I kept up NGD posts for every profligate venture. :lol:


But my wife bought me my own camera for Christmas, so once I get it set up, the Kay Twin will be the first one up. I have to say, for the price of $640 (using one of the 20% off deals) I'm pretty impressed with the guitar. Nice looking 3-D flamey top, the fit and finish looks at least average, and it's got some incredible warmth and depth to its tone, plus the case is cool and worth a bill by itself. Struck me as sounding a bit more Rockabilly/Gretsch-ish than bluesy (just less vibey), but that was probably just my mood that day. Maybe I'll put on my Fedora once I get around to plugging it into my Bassman. But it did sound like ducktails through that Twin RRI. ;)

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Limited editon Gibson Autumn Burst SG:





I was drooling over one of those on the Sweetwater Gallery. I was about ready to lose to temptation but someone bought the one I was in love with. That and already having a Diablo made me hold back but I was having some serious GAS for one of those.

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A Stagg CA-10 practice amp, which is my main amp now... I don't have enough money to get a giant stack or something like all you guys have. But it is a smashing little amp, certainly good enough tone. And I got it in a trade over another forum for a shitty tuner that came in my first electric guitar's starter pack!!!! :D


I also acquired an Ashton GP10 cable from that shit-hole of a music store I used to go to... wankers, the jacks are bent at both ends now. Good sound quality, but rubbish cable. Grr.


And, a loaded Strat body from eBay for my christmas present. It's gonna be a while to save yet, but I've got a lot in mind for it :D

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