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What the hell -- I might as well subject the rest of you to my playing


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I'm usually torturing my friends in the omg thread --


Been playing for about two and a half years. Gear in this is a 2007 MIM Tele with BG pickups (props to Bryan - http://www.norcalguitars.com/). Amp is an 18-watt Trinity clone I built from a kit played through an Avatar 2X12 cab with Eminence Greenback clones. (Props to Stephen - http://www.trinityamps.com/). OD from a Skreddy Screwdriver - props to Marc - http://skreddypedals.com/)


Covers are of Sloan songs -- Canadian band, still active, biggest band to come out of the '90s scene in Halifax (same time I was there).


Need to play out -- still a basement warrior.


Need another beer. Haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!







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I love the theatrical entrances from the other room!! :D

And your beer drinking technique is impeccable!!!!:thu:


Very nice playing. Tight rhythms! Love the guitar! You are blessed with awesome equipment! See this place is good for sumpin!


You gotta find a band!

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