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Think Im Gonna Mod this Rogue Tele

Pine Apple Slim

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Ive had this thing for 10-12 yrs now, and its just taking up space in the closet. Im not really a modder, tend to leave em alone & and play em, and get rid of em if I loose interest. But I paid almost nothing for this one and prob could sell it for even less, so WTH, might as well. I have basic soldering equip, dril bits, and a dremel, should be enough to do the job.


To get some practice changing out pickups and parts.

It plays really well. I bought this thing for a song used, without plugging it in based on the comfort factor. I like the neck and its light. Plug it in, and its thin with a definate lack of sustain. Feel some new pups and pots will greatly help it.


Its strung top thru. Would it be worth the trouble and potential pitfalls to a noob to drill it for string thru? I know everyone say string thru is better, but then theres those Butter cotch Affinity Teles that top load and no one really complains about em.


Plans are to at minimum:

1. Sand off the Rogue watermark, round off the Rogue "tit" on the headstock, match existing clear coat best I can. Prob use a clear satin poly, should match pretty close.

2. Replace nut & tuners.

3. Replace pups & pots & add sheilding.(prob go with GFS, vintage type pups)

4. If I go string thru, I'll have to change the bridge or drill string-thru holes in the existing toploader, its not either/or.


Anyhow, gonna take her apart this week sometime and do the headstock thing & if sucessful, will order me some parts.

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