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More lesson recap - Major Pentatonic Scales for Rock and Blues

Mark Wein

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A few more from the back catalog...


Major Pentatonic Scale Lesson #1

Major Pentatonic Scale Lesson #2 - The 3-2 Scale Fingering

Major Pentatonic Scale Lesson #3 - Major Triad Ideas

Major Pentatonic Scale Lesson #4 - Putting it all together with a solo


Using Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales to play Blues Chord Changes




I'm also doing a little work on our forums this month (the regular forum is here: www.MWGLforums.com ) and I was hoping I could get a few folks to play around with the test site and give me a little feedback (ala HC 2.0 :o). I've gotten some great feedback so far....


I haven't started on the skin or "look" of the site but I am just trying out the functionality of the new vBulletin 4.0 before I change our regular site over...here is the test site: www.markweinguitarlessons.com/vbtest

If you've registered on our current forum before December 2009 then you can use your regular login.....if you've registered after that you'll need to register a new account if you want to log in since I'm using an old database backup to give the forum some content.


Every user account should be able to have its own blog, and good blog articles can be promoted to articles on the front page of the site...as can cool forum posts....

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