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Suggestions needed--12ax7/ECC83 preamp valves and a few others


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Brands that I won't use (for various reasons, mostly reliability)


Ei (specifically Ei Gold series, but I'm gonna avoid all of them)

Current Mullard branded tubes

JJ/Tesla (a bit dull sounding for my Vox amps)

JJ Gold (a bit too expensive)

Anything over $15 per tube


I'm looking for tubes


Also, I am in need of some really toneful EL84's for my AC15TBX and my AC30TBX, a matched quartet and a matched pair.


Finally, I would like to replace the GZ34 rectifier in my Orange AD15/12 with a solid state replacement. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate them.


Thanks in advance!


Here's a pic just for shits and grins:



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Gotta say the Tung Sols are very good for current production. I still on the search for some good sounding EL84's also that's not too pricey although I did recently buy 2 vintage Sylvania black plate EL84's for under $40 for the pair.

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