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This is Freaking Sweet!! It belonged to a forumite, though I can't remember now who, but it's Killer! :thu:

beast20-1.jpg' alt='>'>


This is a pretty Killer all Koa Bich

bichkoa.jpg' alt='>'>


Of course, ESPs Devil Girl

6espdevilgirl.jpg' alt='>'>


Tregan Syren!

syren_graphic.jpg' alt='>'>


BC Rich Beast V!

sm_kerry_king_nt_beast_v.jpg' alt='>'>


BC Rich Stealth!

stealth.jpg' alt='>'>

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I'm diggin' the {censored} out of my Eclipse II. I had it plugged into my Vox AC15TBX with no effects except the tube driven reverb and trem on the amp. With the neck pickup's tone rolled down a bit, I got the most beautiful cleans out of that supposedly metal-only guitar.


OK--BIG photos. I figured that since this is about cool guitars, I could take the liberty of posting huge, obnoxious photos.








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