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if you could have your perfect custom guitar made


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what would it have?


what I want:


flying V body shape (think classic gibson shape no moser pointy bull{censored})

mohogany body

arched maple top


neck through

ebony board

24.75 scale

small diamond inlays (look at bc rich flying V inlays)

rear routed controls (i hate pickguards)

deep ass black

crisp white binding around body neck headstock and back

all black hardware

grover imperial tuners

white chickenheads

V/V/T knobs

side mounted input jack

bone nut

basically a les paul custom but in flying V form with all the good stuff


{censored}. . . . now i have gas any builders in the house? :love::lol:

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they're arcane inc. humbuckers - hand wound in the valley by the totally rad mr. rob timmons.


base price on a steel deville is around 4200; the additions and custom points i added put it at around 5.


and i don't know if he's done a flying V, but he HAS done an explorer:



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Id have a star shaped guitar (make sure its not neck heavy tho), mahogany body, ebony board, actually, make that an ebony neck! Dot inlays, neck binding, reverse firebird or Lindert style headstock (the thumbs up one), Gibson Iommi bridge, same neck pup thats in the charvel so cal... not sure about scale length, maybe 25.5... TOM bridge... 2x2 vol/tone knobs


Basically a monstrosity of a guitar that is a culmination of a whole bunch of different things i want in a guitar.


Either that or a 25.5" scale explorer or LP, just for the hell of it.

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Strat with alder body, flamed maple neck with dark rosewood board, Schaller locking tuners, compensated nut, extra jumbo stainless steel frets, 9.5" radius, Hot Noiseless pickups wired with a blender pot/master tone/master volume. Two tone burst paint.

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Probably a strat body, bolt on neck. Big-ish neck, but not as thick as a Jeff Beck. Ebony fretboard, 21 medium jumbo stainless frets, no inlays. Transparent black with double cream binding on the body and neck. Black Hot shot trem. Black vintage tuners. Duncan Antiquities singles in the neck and middle, and a splittable bridge bucker... maybe an Unbucker. Master volume, master tone, 5 way switch, auto split in the bridge+middle. Pull the tone to split the bucker, mini toggle to add the neck pickup in any position.

I think that'd do 'er. :thu:

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There's two I'd make:

Body: Hondorus mahogany ML shaped body with a 5A flamed maple top
Neck: 5A birdseye maple neck with a madagasgar ebony fingerboard
Neck thru constuction
BKP Painkiller in the bridge
BKP Black Dog in the neck
Reverse Washburn style headstock
24 stainless steel frets
Split block abalone inlays with MKM on 12th fret
One of those titainium Floyd Roses from Floydupgrades.com
Sperzel tuners
titainium locking nut (duh)
chrome hardware
trans brazillain burst (tabacco burst)
cream binding on body, neck, headstock
Set up for E standard

The other:
Explorer style body with mahogany body and 5A flamed maple top.
flamed mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard
24 stainless frets
BKP VHII in the bridge
BKP Black Dog in the neck
Titanium Floyd rose with titanium locking nut with EVH D-tuna
Spezel tuners
Gold hardware
Split block inlays with MKM on 12th fret in abalone
trans black finish
abalone binding on body, neck, and head
hard mounted pickups
Set up to E flat. FR flat agaist the body.

That about sums it up.

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my dream guitar is a black version of this with a wraparound bridge,
2 Chrome p-90 pickups with hidden hum-canceling dummy coil,
a Jazzmaster-style control scheme with separate lead & rhythm circuits (each has volume & treble-bass balance).
Instead of a pickup selector I would put in a roller that controls the relative volume of each pickup.
The input jack would be strat-style.


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This changes every few weeks but as of right now:


Jaguar Body routed for 3 humbuckers. Flamed tobacco quilt burst.


Rhythm circuit only wired with the lead controls, except with the pickup selector switches would work.


Three pickups (with the Bass VI 4 switch plate), hidden like the Fender Marauder.


Bridge: Duncan JB SH-4

Middle: SPH-90

Neck: SH-2n


Fourth switch would be a coil tap for JB SH-4 and SH-2n.


Matching headstock, matching neck.


And neck through, just to be a bitch.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the Surf Angel.


Stratocaster - Surf Green and white, with black pups

22 frets, maple fretboard, headstock-adjusting truss rod

Vintage split-post Wilkinson tuners

Warmoth custom pickguard - single ply white, 8-hole, HSS

Wilkinson single-coil neck/middles, BG Bucker in bridge with coil split :D

Standard chrome hardware, AxesRUs vintage chrome tremolo


I'm only about

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